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6 Must-Try Date Activities In Toronto

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Want to make your next date something special? Then you’re in luck, as we’ve curated a list of the most unique and romantic date activities in Toronto.

Adding a little bit of romance to your relationship is always fun – whether you’re just new lovebirds or have been together for years. And if you live in Toronto, it’s likely you’re always on the lookout for some date ideas to do with your partner.

The good thing is there are tons of hidden gems in this city that you can explore on your date, so it’s not hard to think of an excellent date idea that the two of you will enjoy. From intimate restaurant dining experiences to the more-than-usual board games, there are tons of fun couple activities in Toronto that will fit your budget and taste!

6 Must-Try Date Activities in Toronto

Levelup Virtual Reality


Dinner Cruise

High Park

TIFF Bell Lightbox

Second City

For an unforgettable dating experience, here are the highly recommended date ideas for Toronto couples especially during Valentines day.

Levelup Virtual Reality

How about exploring entirely different dimensions on your date?

VR date nights are gaining a lot of popularity – they’re an immersive experience that’s sure to be remembered. And if you’re looking for this kind of unique date activity, Levelup Virtual Reality offers the best VR arcade bar in downtown Toronto.

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While others might be content with a good restaurant or bar on their date, there are adventurous souls who are looking for something more action-packed – something that will really bring them into a different world for an evening. And if you’re one of those, Levelup Virtual Reality lets you explore new dimensions from their wide selection of more than 80+ games.

And don’t worry if your partner isn’t a gamer, as VR offers an entirely fascinating experience that will truly make him/her want more.

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For a romantic evening where you can serenade your loved one, Koreatown is the perfect place for your Toronto date idea. It is one of the few Toronto neighborhoods offering a variety of karaoke bars, many of which offer private rooms for an intimate experience. If you would rather perform in public, that is possible too.

How do you know when your relationship has hit the next level? It’s when your partner sings a song to you at the top of their lungs in public. And it’s not just one song – they want to sing the duet with you and belt out your couple song. You can do all of that (and more) in Koreatown!

Image Source: Koreatown Wikipedia

The area also offers an abundance of restaurants and cafes for your Toronto food tour. Fill your Korean cravings with its different cuisines such as bibimbap, grill-it-yourself kalbi, tteokbokki, and many more. Besides food, there are also stalls for anything Korean, including the popularly known K-beauty and K-fashion.

So if you’ve been wanting to try a different culture on your date, Koreatown is an entertainment district that will expose you to its vibrant Asian culture without needing to leave Toronto.


If you’re planning a date night, don’t just settle for the usual restaurant dinner. This time, take your date on a romantic dinner cruise on one of the many ships that offer nighttime cruises with a meal for two. Toronto food tour with your partner just got more intimate with dinner cruises.

dinner cruise
Mariposa Cruises Dinner Buffet
Image Source:Toronto Guardian – Mariposa Cruises for your Toronto Harbour Dinner,Joel Levy

One example is Mariposa Cruises, which serves up a buffet-style dinner while you enjoy beautiful views of the sunset as you drift from the harbor to Lake Ontario. There is also Toronto Cruises which is known for its barbeque dinner. Whichever you choose, both of them will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city for three hours – all while enjoying each other’s company over a fancy buffet.


Looking for a date that syncs up with your budget? Pack a picnic and enjoy the stunning scenery at High Park.

high park 1
Image Source:High Park Toronto Website

Toronto’s High Park is a perfect place for an outdoor date that’s quick and easy to set up. But don’t let its simplicity fool you: the park has everything you want from a romantic rendezvous, from wildlife to greenery. For lovebirds who like to get moving, High Park offers some outdoor activities such as hiking trails, a free zoo, and even a conservatory for when you feel like chilling.

High Park is a perfect Toronto date idea; its sprawling green spaces, scenic views, and zoo are sure to impress any guest. As one of Toronto’s largest public parks, High Park offers a diverse range of landscapes for both of you to enjoy, and its goodness will surely ignite the romantic spark for couples.


For a spot of culture and entertainment, the TIFF Bell Lightbox is an ideal date night destination.

Going to the movies on a date can be an excellent (and affordable) way to spend a beautiful evening together, but it’s almost always the same – select your seats, order your food, wait for the previews and then actually watch the movie. TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto’s hot new theatre, offers all-day events that include breakfast, live music before the movie, and after-movie drinks, with prices starting at just $20 per person.

tiff bell lightbox 1
Image Source:TIFF Bell Lightbox Google Business Photos, David Weitzenfeld

While the curatorial selection for TIFF Bell Lightbox does tend to lean international, it’s important to note that a wide variety of Toronto-made films are screened year-round. The complex has both a theatre and museum – where you can also grab lunch – so if your date gets tired, they can always sit and rest while you peruse the artwork.

With its central location in downtown Toronto’s entertainment district, the Lightbox is an ideal theatre for lovers of all things cinematic – especially as they walk only a block away to grab delicious post-cinema eats and drinks.


Comedy is key to a successful relationship, so why not bring your partner to Second City, Toronto’s best comedy club?

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Image Source: Second City Toronto Facebook Page

Laughter is the best medicine, and no one knows that better than Second City. For a fun night out on the town, grab your date and take in a comedy show at the world-famous comedy venue – home to some of the greatest comedians of our time. This iconic club puts on so many shows it’s hard to keep up with them all, but you can always depend on some good laughs from their star-studded line-ups.

At Second City, all comedy shows are fresh, and it’s never the same show twice; a perfect way to break the ice with your date and get to know each other. Throughout the show, the two of you will surely laugh your head off and have an aching belly (for laughing out loud!)

Have The Best Date of Your Life in Toronto

Taking your partner on a date is the perfect time to show how into them you are, whether you just started seeing each other or have been together for a long time.

Having a date in Toronto’s enormous landscape is not only fun but also a great way to reconnect with your partner. As these Toronto neighborhoods continue to evolve, the creative needs of its residents are constantly being met with new activities, experiences, and places – so you’ll never run out of dating activities.

If you’re thinking of a date idea that your partner will love, then you should try one of these activities for Toronto couples that we suggested. With various romantic activities to choose from, let your love for your special someone blossom any day of the year (not only Valentines day) by creating wonderful memories together – something you’ll cherish a few years down the line.