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Host an immersive and entertaining virtual reality party for your guests.

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There isn’t a party quite like a VR party!

Have you considered a virtual reality birthday party for that upcoming special day? Maybe you have something to celebrate and want to do something aligning with the occasion? Levelup Reality hosts VR parties that blow the mind, excite the senses, and make the good times roll. We’re a one-stop-shop for incredible parties of all categories!

Strap on our state-of-the-art VR headsets and whisk away to one of our several compelling universes. Battle in space with your friends, compete in a wacky race or explore fantastical lands from a first-person perspective. There are endless activities to enjoy and unlimited VR birthday party possibilities.


Why is a VR party at Levelup Reality the best idea for your next event?

  • It’s easy to organize – call us, and we’ll help plan your VR party from A to Z
  • Thousands of parties have adored our virtual reality experiences
  • No one gets left out. There are’s games and activities everyone will love!
  • One of the most creative party ideas out there
  • A support team is always at your service throughout the party
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Verified by TripAdvisor as one of the best experiences in Toronto

Party in multiple locations, all in the same place!

You don’t even have to leave your VR booth to have a party in another world. Levelup Reality’s 80+ games and experiences can have your guests partying on the moon, in another country, the wild west, etc. There’s an exceptional place for you wherever you’ve dreamed of sharing great times with your friends and family. Kids and adults alike can enjoy our tailored experiences, including:

  • Enjoying the future of parties with advanced technologies
  • A VR party that creates lasting memories
  • Excellent team games and competitive activities
  • Relaxed experiences for those who want something more mellow
  • Strengthen bonds with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Plenty of laughs and memorable moments to go around


The sky is the limit for Levelup Reality’s VR parties. As soon the headset comes on, you can take the role of your dreams in a virtual world. Be an adventurer, a warrior, a pilot, a dojo master, or anyone. The 80+ experiences are a great way to adapt to any party theme or align with any occasion.

Discover some of our most popular VR party games below:


Take your party into the battlefields of the wild west! Be a gunslinger cowbot or an alien invader, and duke it for control of the future final frontier.

Number of Players per Team: 6


Archers assemble! Grab your friends and arm yourself with bows as you defend your castle from the oncoming hordes of enemies. Stand tall and emerge victoriously!

Number of Players per Team: 4


Nothing quite says VR party like a trip to the Loco Dojo. Enter a weird and wonderful world where a dojo master assigns your team so wacky activities to complete.

Number of Players per Team: 4


What challenges lie in the great skies of Skyfront VR? Join a team of other pilots and guide your aircraft in conquering the great beyond!

Number of Players per Team: 10


Who said dodgeball couldn’t be explosive? Enjoy a next-level VR party game in Smashbox Arena, a virtual dodgeball game with grenades and boulders.

Number of Players per Team: 6


Have you ever dreamed of being a champion athlete? Get into competition mode with Sprint Vector, and show the VR universe what a fantastic sportsman you can be!

Number of Players per Team: 8



A VR party is Toronto’s most engaging event opportunity.

Levelup Reality pioneers fantastic ideas for any party in Toronto. Get in touch if you’re planning a corporate, birthday, bachelor, and team building. We can help set up any style event to impress your guests!

We’ve hosted countless VR parties for all ages and occasions and met with a flurry of positive reviews worldwide. Trust that we’ll deliver on your expectations and go beyond satisfaction.

Levelup Reality

10 Reasons Why a Levelup Reality VR Party Will Make a Memorable Occasion

Are you still weighing up whether a VR party at Levelup Reality is a good idea for your next event? Let us share ten reasons why so many guests prefer us to host a momentous occasion.

  1. We’re a one-of-a-kind experience that guests never forget!
  2. Never worry about anyone getting left out – there are games and activities adapted to all personalities and ages.
  3. If you’ve ever played a video game, you will love virtual reality.
  4. Whisk away from the cares and worries of the real world.
  5. We have thousands of positive reviews that support us as an outstanding experience.
  6. TripAdvisor recommends our VR parties!
  7. Over 80+ games touch on every interest and fascination.
  8. Share special moments with friends and family worthy of the occasion.
  9. Our experienced team can help you deliver a seamless party.
  10. Make your VR party as relaxed or adrenaline-filled as you want!

Ready to spark fun with a VR party? Contact Levelup Reality now!

A VR party for your event is an excellent idea to impress your guests, make sure they’re entertained, and remember the occasion for years to come. Levelup Reality is well-equipped to take care of all your party needs, from catering instruction – all the way to activity recommendations. We’re a party solution that can be rolled out in a simple call or email to us.

Get in touch now to plan and book your VR party!


Give Your Events & Parties A Taste Of The Future

Levelup Reality is a venue that specializes in hosting VR parties creating entertainment for the new digital age. We have over 80+ games and experiences transforming any occasion into the most memorable and exciting event. Discover more about how we can host your party in an endless number of virtual worlds.