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5 of the Best Late Night Activities in Toronto

Late Night Activities Toronto

Is it 11pm and you need something to do with your friends? Perhaps you’re looking for a delicious bite to eat at 2am? Maybe you just want to see Toronto in all its glory in the shelter of the night? Whatever you’re thinking, Toronto is a city that suits the night owls just as much as the day hawks. Should you be looking for the best late-night activities in Toronto, we’ve got you covered!

Enjoy Things To Do in Toronto Even in The Late Hours

As Canada’s largest and most populous city, you can imagine that it’s inherited a bustling culture where services are demanded even late at night. The increasing prominence of Toronto as a global location to live, work and visit has shaped some holistic late-night activities for those in need of nighttime nourishment.

So, are there any late-night activities Toronto is known for? Many of the Canadian delicacies are available in the early hours and must be tried. However, the thriving atmosphere of the city in general now remains alive at night. You can visit markets, go dancing, play games, and experience the intriguing livelihood of residents at all hours.

Arguably today, there are few limits to what you can do at night in the city. The 24-hour culture has exploded into being recognized worldwide. But of course, we all have our favorite things to do. And we’ve definitely got some ideas on the best late-night activities in Toronto.

Here are 5 of Our Favourite Late Night Activities in Toronto

Many of the late-night activities in Toronto have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of the most prominent early hours bars, restaurants, and venues have seen permanent closure given the inability to operate over the past months. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t brilliant late-night activities still available in the city! We’ve named a few below:

1. Levelup Reality

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A pairing of nighttime and being whisked away into another world poetically go hand-in-hand. That’s what makes Levelup Reality our favorite late-night activity in Toronto. Under the shade of dusk, there are over 80+ magnificent universes to explore. It’s great fun whether you want to chill, compete in an adrenaline-loaded game, or marvel at what technology can do these days. Levelup Reality is by far the most versatile and entertaining late-night activity in Toronto.


For those looking to get the best of Toronto nightlife, CODA Lounge is known for being an excellent location to visit at any time of the evening – even late at night. Patrons go to this small club to enjoy some of the latest and greatest variety of music, making their artistic statement in the cultured city of Toronto. What’s fantastic about CODA is that the whole experience can be as chilled or intense as you like it.

3. Commisso Bros & Racco Italian Bakery

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What’s a late-night activity list in Toronto without mentioning the food you can get in the home and early hours? Not only does Commisso Bros & Racco Italian Bakery provide guests with some fantastic Italian food, but it’s open 24-hours, too. The venue allows visitors to experience some excellent homemade sandwiches and biscotti and highlights the city’s ‘never sleep’ culture. It’s a transcending late-night activity in Toronto.

4. 7-West Cafe

7-West Cafe is another 24-hour location that serves as a Toronto classic. Locals and visitors flock here to enjoy some divine food and drink on the famous rooftop patio. You’ll be able to enjoy a portion of pasta or a cocktail or two under the stairs, getting the complete feel of what Toronto’s late-night activities are really like. 7-West Cafe is pretty laid back, so most will enjoy its chilled atmosphere.

5. Colonel Samuel Smith Park

This park may not have the most accessible amenities – but it’s featured as a great late-night activity for a reason. It’s one of the best spots to view the Toronto skyline at night, where you can immerse yourself in all the colors and shapes of the urban landscape. It’s quite a sight to behold and a perfect place to hold a late-night picnic with family or friends.

Discover the Best of Toronto After Dark!

It goes without question that Toronto is Canada’s ultimate after-hours city. The number of late-night activities in the city ranks even with some of the world’s most global locations. Enjoy all the food, drink, physical activity, and culture you can experience after dark – and take some of those extraordinary late-night memories home with you.