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Top 3 Activities to Level Up Your Team Building Event in 2021!

It’s that time of the year again and your boss has challenged you to think of the best team building activities in Toronto– something new, something exciting, and something that will surely bring the team closer than ever! But what new activity is there? 

Food tour?  Done. Scavenger Hunt? Two years in a row. Karaoke? Sure. Of course, you’ve tried that too!

I know it feels like your team has tried everything, and you’re running out of ideas. But, worry no more! We’ve got you covered. Here are 3 cool and fun team building activities in Toronto you could try this 2020!


level up your escape room with vr

Don’t we all love escape rooms? It’s a thrilling and exciting experience that not only sparks your curiosity but also fuels the teamwork needed to find clues and solve mysteries together! But, if you think busting out of a room using clues and combinations isn’t exciting enough, throw in a virtual reality experience to seal the deal! Try VR Escape rooms for your next team building activity!

With virtual reality incorporated in your escape room experience, you get the chance to escape to new worlds you never thought you’d find yourself in! Whether you want to be an astronaut trying to save the planet from an asteroid crash, or a medieval detective solving a crime on a sinking ship— with virtual reality, the walls of an escape room only lend themselves to even more wonderful possibilities!



Contrary to popular belief, corporate team building activities in Toronto don’t always need to be loud and intense. Sure. It could be fun to be shouting at the top of your lungs doing an energy-draining activity you’ll probably tell yourself not to do ever again. But amid their busy schedule and daily tasks, I’m sure your team would appreciate some peace and quiet. Sit back, relax, and try out a one-of-a-kind VR meditation experience.

Shake off some stress as you get transported to peaceful and sublime scenes across the world– really pulling you away from all the distractions for an immersive mindfulness journey. Give your team a moment to breathe and consider VR meditation for your next team building activity.



There’s certainly no shortage of team building activities in Toronto, and with a Virtual Reality party, you can try just about anything! 

With a virtual reality party, feel the power of your choices and get a chance to pick an activity depending on the mood or interest of your whole team! Ready to shoot some zombies and survive the apocalypse together? Say no more. How about jamming to music with some lightsaber action? You got it. Incorporating virtual reality to your next team building activity will provide limitless excitement and possibilities!

So book with Levelup Reality NOW and get ready to WOW your team with the best team building experience yet! Use the code “LEVELUPTEAM” to get 15% off!