Here are 5 of the Best or Fun Things to Do in Toronto This Weekend

Weekend Activities in Toronto

Are you taking a whirlwind trip to Toronto? Perhaps you’re reveling in a quick urban escape? Maybe you’re a local looking for the best way to spend your downtime. There’s so much to do in Toronto that cramming everything into a weekend is not possible – but there are some certain weekend activities that stand above the rest.

Looking for Fun-Filled Toronto Weekend Activities?

Arts, sciences, shopping, culture, food – the possibilities are endless in this city. However, the best Toronto weekend activities tend to derive from elements that are unique to the region. Canada’s largest city is a renowned international city and certainly has its flair, flavors, and spirit to discover. Any event, venue, or experience that incorporates these aspects are the ones you’d want to visit in the short time you have available.

But with only a couple of days to visit Toronto – how do you find the best on offer? While there’s plenty to choose from – some areas are better tailored to get the most out of shorter trips to the city. Where time is of the essence, we have chosen what we believe are the most rewarding options. These weekend activities in Toronto will enhance your visit to the max!

Our Top 5 Ideas for Toronto Weekend Activities

We know that the weekend isn’t enough time to pack in everything you’d want to do in Toronto. So, how do you make the best of a couple of days that you have in the city? Whether you’re a visitor or a local, we’ve compiled our 5-favorite weekend activities in Toronto. Explore our ideas below:

1. Transcend into virtual worlds at Levelup Reality.

Levelup Reality

We’ve done a lot in Toronto, but there is one specific experience we tend to enjoy every time. We’re listing Levelup Reality as one of the most fun Toronto weekend activities as it harnesses the best of what the city offers. It’s new-age virtual reality technology paired with the fun-loving spirit of Toronto, and you can’t get any more entertaining for a short outing in the city. It’s great for couples and groups, and there’s an experience tailored to every personality!

2. Take a City Cruise around Toronto’s waters.

Toronto’s waterfront, islands, and waterways are pretty darn gorgeous. It would be a shame to miss these picturesque views if you plan on visiting for the weekend. City Cruises Toronto offers numerous boat tours around the harbor and the islands surrounding the city. If you need some visual memories of your visit to Toronto or some exciting content for your social media page – don’t forget to voyage around Toronto’s waters!

3. Visit one of the exciting exhibitions passing through Toronto.

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Considering Toronto’s status as a prestigious international city, it sees many famed exhibitions pass through. Every weekend, you’ll find a host of temporary displays or showcases ranging from modern art to food tastings. Trust us when we say some of the best exhibits in the world come to Toronto. You’ll be able to enjoy visual gold at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto or delight your taste buds at the Stackt Market.

4. Check out a theater, gig, or comedy show.

Yet another excellent aspect of Toronto is all the live artists that visit the city. The city has plenty of venues with regular gigs – with something happening almost every night! If you need a laugh, check out Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club. Maybe you’d like to immerse yourself in a theatrical performance? Visit the Ed Mirvish Theater. Need to get your music fix? A trip to the Danforth Music Hall will cure what ails you!

5. Get stuck into all the great things Toronto markets have to offer!

Toronto doesn’t have just one central market – there are several. The city has a diverse population. It understands the needs, wants, and desires of its residents so well. If you wish to strap your feedbag on, St. Lawrence Market has some of the best street food in Toronto. Do you want to see what the bohemian merchants of the city are producing? Take a trip down to Kensington Market to be wowed at the unique merchandise on offer.

Make The Best of Your Weekend Trip to Toronto

Don’t spend time trying to find Toronto weekend activities you’ll enjoy – we know your time is limited! These weekend activities will make the best of your couple days – and are as adventurous or relaxed as you’d like. There’s always something brilliant going on for weekend activities in Toronto. Even if you’re making multiple visits – you don’t have to do the same thing twice!

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