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Gift the best experience to your friends and family by purchasing a VR gift card! Perfect for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

  • Customizable message that you can email to or print for recipient
  • Lasts forever – the receiver can choose times that fit their schedule
  • Easy redemption methods through our online platform, phone, or by walking in


Anyone can predict a party at the bar or some flowers and a teddy bear, but how many people will expect a whole new experience on their special occasion? A journey that takes them away from their worries, an escape of sorts.

Levelup Reality specializes in virtual reality experiences. With us, you can step into games and have a virtual interactive environment of your own. For example, if your kids love video games, this will blow them away!

Virtual Reality is the perfect gift idea not only for the kids but for people with all kinds of interests. Here is how VR can attract different types of people:

Gamers – VR, apart from its multiple applications, is most commonly known for gaming purposes. There can’t be a better gift for gamers. Every PC or console gamer would love to step out and experience this lesser-known form of gaming.

Artists – VR is deemed to be the most powerful creative tool of our generation, especially from an artist’s standpoint. With its evolving nature and hundreds of painting, sculpting, and design applications for artists to explore, an artistic mind would cherish its time in a VR booth.

Wanderers – This is the most crowded category among all and can be related to almost everyone’s family and friends. With VR, you can virtually go to any place of your liking. This is the closest humans have been to teleportation. Also, nothing satisfies travel lovers more than exploring their future destinations.


We wait anxiously for the holiday season, especially Christmas, because of the time we get to spend with our friends, family and close ones. Experiences that you enjoy alone can become twice as exciting with the right people. Also, there is a positive vibe about trying new things with your loved ones. For example, your friends will always remember how you introduced them to VR gaming while looking for Christmas gift ideas.

Levelup Reality can provide you with the perfect games to play with your loved ones. You and your friends can have a ball competing against each other in the VR world.

The decision is yours if you want to team up against evil aliens, score some headshots, or travel through space together. We’ve got 80+ VR experiences for you to pick from.


Levelup Reality offers you a personalized VR gift certificate that is a worthy enough present for anyone. We can top it off with a customizable message which you can email or print for the recipient.

Our gift card has no expiration date, and the recipients can redeem it whenever it fits their schedule. You can redeem these gift cards through our website, via phone or walk-in.