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The Best Burger Places in Toronto

The best burger in Toronto

Millions of people explore the big city of Toronto, to explore and discover what this wonderful city has to offer. This city aims to please and sometimes when one thinks they’ve found the perfect restaurant; they find out that there is even better somewhere else. As such, the best way to explore and discover the best burger in Toronto is by going on a Toronto Burger Quest. We have done this quest for you, and here are the winners from our quest:

Tavern at Bayview

Toronto has a wide variety of burger restaurants that offer all sorts of different flavors, but there are many that stand out among the rest. One that is worth mentioning is Tavern at Bayview. The Tavern at Bayview is a cozy, charming restaurant that is family-operated and offers a home-style meal. It’s not just a place for adults, as the Tavern also has a menu for kids with “all the classics” and a “build your own burger” option. The Tavern at Bayview offers a variety of burgers and the menu includes: the Tavern Burger, which has pepperjack cheese and caramelized onions; the West Coast Burger topped with smoked salmon, and cream cheese.


Toronto is known for its burgers and there are plenty of places to choose from. However, if you’re looking for the best burger in Toronto, you need to go to Caplansky’s. Caplansky’s lays claim to being “Canada’s Original Jewish Deli”. The menu is extensive and offers something for everyone. On the burger side, their signature burger is the Caplansky’s Big Kahuna Burger which features a 100% ground beef patty topped with home-made pineapple teriyaki, Canadian cheddar, red onion, tomato, lettuce, sweet chili sauce and a pineapple ring in a sweet Hawaiian bun. The service is awesome and you’ll be in for a great dining experience.

Burger Bar

The Burger Bar offers a wide range of burgers to satisfy any appetite. Whether you’re craving sweet potato fries with a burger, or you’re looking for a side of mac and cheese, they have the perfect meal waiting for you. Their menu is sure to have just what you’re looking for. The Burger Bar is your go-to spot for grabbing a quick lunch with coworkers, grabbing a drink with friends, or grabbing a bite before a movie. If you’re looking for a place with a friendly atmosphere and good food, this is the place to come.

Burger’s Priest

Burger’s Priest is located in Toronto and carries a wide selection of burgers. They have created a menu that caters to every taste and has elements of different cultures. From the classic burger to burger variations such as poutine and lobster, there is something for everyone. Burger’s Priest uses fresh and local ingredients so the burgers are always the best. The restaurant has a robust vegan menu as well, so it accommodates all dietary needs. The restaurant does not take reservations so be sure to arrive early to get a table.

Village Burgers

Village Burgers is a comfortable little restaurant that is tucked away in the city. It offers one of the best best burger in Toronto. The burgers are juicy, the French fries are seasoned to perfection, and the onion rings are to die for. I love the simple atmosphere of the restaurant, which makes it a great place for a quick lunch or dinner after a long day at work. I love to go there with my friends because they have a great selection of craft beers for anyone who likes to drink.

Sneaky Dee’s

Located in Downtown Toronto, Sneaky Dee’s offer we offer all-day breakfast and lunch to the general public. Sneaky Dee’s takes great pride in using fresh and high-quality ingredients and we use locally sourced food as often as possible. Along with their delicious food including burgers, they offer an array of coffee and tea. There’s also a variety of desserts for those with a sweet tooth. Come upgrade your day and give them a try!