Corporate Events Toronto

Host Your Toronto Corporate Events in Another Universe

Corporate Events Toronto

Host Your Toronto Corporate Events in Another Universe

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Levelup Reality is Toronto’s VR arcade and event venue.

We host awesome corporate events.

From hilariously quirky experiences that will reduce employee stress to exciting adventures that allow teams to tackle any challenge.

Levelup Reality is Toronto’s VR arcade and event venue.

We host awesome corporate events.

From hilariously quirky experiences that will reduce employee stress to exciting adventures that allow teams to tackle any challenge.

Planning memorable and fun corporate events in Toronto isn’t the most straightforward task. But what if there was somewhere that revolutionized corporate event ideas? Enter Levelup Reality VR – the most versatile venue for a corporate party to remember!

One of the Most Immersive and Fun Corporate Events in Toronto

We all know the stereotypes sitting behind corporate events – most considered mundane and counteractive to the purpose. Levelup Reality offers a new solution to capture your goals and ambitions for a corporate event. It’s a highly interactive, fun-filled experience that every guest can enjoy. We’re taking corporate events Toronto to new plateaus!

Levelup Reality is highly rated as a complete party experience amongst Toronto’s and the world’s critical elite. We facilitate simple planning processes yet deliver some of the most immersive and rewarding entertainment anyone could garner from a business event. Whether the Toronto corporate event is a small intimate gathering or a more prominent networking occasion – our VR games are sure to meet the event objectives.

How It Works

Some of Levelup Reality’s accreditations include:

  • Highest (5 stars) rating across every entity in the VR Events Industry
  • Certified by TripAdvisor in the top 5 Fun & Games venues in Toronto
  • A large facility of up to 4’000 ft, with a 150 person capacity
  • Over 500+ corporate events serviced
  • Very accessible located within the downtown core of Toronto

Why Does Levelup Reality VR Make Perfect Corporate Events in Toronto?

Hosting Toronto corporate events at a VR gaming venue may seem like a far-fetched idea. The reality is that the experience includes many features aligned with the traditional targets and objectives of corporate events worldwide. The team-building, networking, and message-delivery potential of the games are second-to-none.

How do these games streamline the purpose of the corporate event? The fun laughs and bonding within each game have notably built stronger relationships and generated lasting memories. Nothing boosts your brand more than when all your guests are engaged and having a good time. Whether you are increasing awareness, building bridges, or celebrating a corporate occasion.

We make the process of planning a corporate event simply by:

  • Having a highly-trained and knowledgeable staff available to support the event
  • Entertainment tailored to the objectives of the corporate event
  • Food and drink provided for each guest
  • Games available from laid-back casual to physically challenging
  • Fully immersive and interactive venue – easy to entertain every guest

Our 80+ Game Library Creates a Corporate Event to Remember!

Levelup Reality features VR games that touch on every interest, personality type, and physical ability. With our vast library, we’re likely to have games available that align with your corporate brand! Give your guests an experience to remember by transforming a corporate event into a fun-filled adventure.

With the 500+ successful corporate events Levelup Reality has hosted, these games have proven the most popular:

Arizona Sunshine

What if you emerged from your offices and suddenly discovered yourselves in a post-apocalyptic world? Gather your team and fight for survival and pit your skills against hordes of zombies.

Number of Players per Team: 4


Take on a new profession with your group members as your castle’s esteemed archers. Hold up high on your structure’s walls as you lead the defense against enemies trying to invade your castle.

Number of Players per Team: 4

Loco Dojo

What if task management included the silliest possible items on the agenda? The Loco Dojo sensei will assign your team some wacky objectives, where the most ridiculous results emerge the victor!

Number of Players per Team: 4

Skyfront VR

Take to the skies as your teams vie for control of the horizons. Collectively use your skills and minds paired with the arsenal at your disposal to eliminate any flying foes that cross your path.

Number of Players per Team: 10

Smashbox Arena

Dodgeball has been an age-old corporate event idea for as long as they’ve been hosted. We’re redefining the game in the VR arena, using grenades, rockets, and boulders instead of dodgeballs!

Number of Players per Team: 6

Sprint Vector

Learn who’s the best at what with this high-octane, challenging obstacle course. Any adrenaline junkies in your corporate ranks will pull some great entertainment out of this game!

Number of Players per Team: 8



Delivering New-Age Corporate Events Ideas for Parties of All Sizes

We know corporate event planners are constantly seeking innovative ways to bring awareness to their brand. Levelup Reality VR takes advantage of new-age technologies, immersive entertainment, and a comprehensive support base to break boundaries in corporate event planning. Even if you are a party of 10 or 150, we can happily accommodate your complete set of requirements.

Levelup Reality

10 Reasons Why Levelup Reality VR is Fantastic for Fun Corporate Events in Toronto

Still on the cusp of whether your future corporate events in Toronto should be at Levelup Reality? There are a few reasons why we are so highly rated in the area. Let us review a few of them below!

  1. The extensive library of games makes an interactive event that no one will forget!
  2. We’re flexible and very easy to plan with – stay well within your budget.
  3. We can host parties of all sizes, small to large.
  4. Use our new-age technologies to achieve your corporate event objectives.
  5. We can take care of the catering.
  6. Even when your guests are not hooked into the VR, plenty of activities keep them entertained
  7. There’s a game tailored to every corporate personality type
  8. Strengthen bonds and share laughs between businesses and guests
  9. Transcend away from the corporate world and into a fantastic new universe
  10. Conveniently located in Downtown Toronto

Book Your Next Corporate Events in Toronto with Levelup Reality!

Whatever objectives, ambitions, or requirements you have for a corporate event – our team is on standby to help! Contact us by phone or email, and we’ll assist in organizing an unforgettable Toronto corporate event for your party!

We look forward to hosting your corporate events in Toronto at Levelup Reality VR!