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Explore Unparalleled Realities

VR Activities

Strengthen bonds in virtual worlds.

Explore unparalleled realities

VR Activities

Toronto's Best Group Activity to strengthen bonds in virtual worlds.

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Readers Choice Platinum

Social Connection. Epic Battles. Award Winning Experience.

Group Activity

Made Easy.

Group Activity Made Easy.

It’s easy to book a group activity venue in Toronto with us. Book online or through our events planning team.

Realistic Adventures. Flexible Packages. Unbeatable Value.


For All.

We offer 80+ virtual reality experiences and arcade games including action, adventure, sports, horror survival, escape room VR games, and more!

Fighting games and shooter games

Storytelling games and exploration games

Mystery games and puzzle games

Team sports games and extreme sports games

Horror games and jump scare games

Animated films and create your own narrative

Immersive Fun. Hassle-Free Planning. Convenient Location.

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Guest Reviews.

"Our family weekend was transformed at Levelup Reality. The VR games brought us together in laughter, competition, and incredible fun!"
The Thompsons.
Family Bonding
"My friends and I can't stop talking about our VR experience! It was a perfect mix of teamwork, competition, and pure joy. Can't wait to go back!"
Mark L.
Squad Rendezvous
"For my son's birthday, we took him and his friends to Levelup Reality. They had a blast, and even us parents found ourselves diving into the fun!"
Jennifer M.
Parenting Sesh