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Forge Unbreakable Bonds

Team Building

Futuristic team building activities in Toronto.

Forge unbreakable bonds

Team Building

Ignite team spirit with futuristic team building activities in Toronto.

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Immersive Collaboration. Trusted by Toronto's Corporations. Award Winning Experience.

Team Building

Made easy.

Team Building Made Easy.

It’s easy to book team building activities in Toronto with us. Book online or through our events planning team.

Full Body Engagement. Flexible Packages. Unbeatable Value.


For all.

We offer 80+ virtual reality experiences and arcade games including action, adventure, sports, horror survival, escape room VR games, and more!

Fighting games and shooter games

Storytelling games and exploration games

Mystery games and puzzle games

Team sports games and extreme sports games

Horror games and jump scare games

Animated films and create your own narrative

Interactive Challenges. Hassle-Free Planning. Convenient Location.

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Guest Reviews.

"Levelup Reality took our team-building activities in Toronto to a whole new level. It was engaging, fun, and genuinely collaborative!"
Team Leader
Tech Company
"Our team loved the VR experience at Levelup Reality. It was a great way to build team spirit and create memorable moments."
Project Manager
Design Firm
"The Levelup Reality team was brilliant in helping us plan a truly engaging and fun team-building event. We can't wait to come back!"
HR Director
Marketing Agency

About Levelup VR Toronto: Transforming Team Building in Toronto

At Levelup Reality, Toronto’s leading VR gaming arcade, we offer innovative experiences that redefine the traditional concept of team-building activities. Located in the heart of Toronto, our VR experiences provide an engaging, immersive platform for corporate team-building activities.

We are committed to crafting unforgettable, tailor-made experiences that foster team cohesion, camaraderie, and an abundance of laughter. Our expert team ensures every detail is taken care of, resulting in smooth, unforgettable team-building events. Trust us to take your team to new realities.