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Kickstart the ultimate

Bachelor Party

An unforgettable bachelor party experience.

Kickstart the ultimate

Bachelor Party

An unforgettable bachelor party experience.

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Legendary Battles. Trusted by Toronto Couples. Award Winning Experience.

Bachelor party

Made easy.

Bachelor Party Made Easy.

It’s easy to book a bachelor party venue in Toronto with us. Book online or through our party planning team.

Thrilling Adventures. Flexible Packages. Unbeatable Value.


For all.

We offer 80+ virtual reality experiences and arcade games including action, adventure, sports, horror survival, escape room VR games, and more!

Fighting games and shooter games

Storytelling games and exploration games

Mystery games and puzzle games

Team sports games and extreme sports games

Horror games and jump scare games

Animated films and create your own narrative

Epic Moments. Hassle-Free Planning. Convenient Location.

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Guest Reviews.

"A game-changer for our bachelor party in Toronto. Very welcoming staff that helped us pick the best games. Unbelievable fun, and the best way to celebrate!"
Andrew G.
Best Man
"Came for my bachelor party and it was a blast! This was a totally different experience with helpful staff, game explanations and lots of technical help. Will definitely come again."
Bosco T.
"Levelup Reality offered the perfect bachelor party venue. Amazing experience for gamers and non-gamers alike. A unique, immersive experience that exceeded all our expectations!"
Steve N.

About Levelup VR Toronto: Transforming Bachelor Party Experiences in Toronto

Levelup Reality, Toronto’s premier VR gaming arcade, is the ultimate destination for unique and exciting bachelor party ideas. Located in the vibrant heart of Toronto, we provide the perfect venue for a memorable pre-wedding celebration.

Our advanced VR technology, combined with an extensive selection of immersive games, creates a thrilling environment for your bachelor party. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand bash, our dedicated team will cater to your needs, ensuring your bachelor party runs smoothly and is filled with unforgettable moments. Trust us to make your bachelor party in Toronto an extraordinary event.