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Best Japanese Restaurants in Toronto

Best Japanese restaurant in Toronto: a guide to the top spots

We have done the hunt for the best Japanese restaurant in Toronto so that you don’t have to. Where to go for the best Japanese food in Toronto? When it comes to good sushi and fresh seafood, Toronto has no shortage of the best Japanese restaurant in Toronto. This post will take a look at some of the finest and most popular among Toronto’s Japanese restaurants.


Kamekazi is a high-end Japanese Sushi restaurant with a modern design and a sleek feel. The menu is fresh and diverse, including an impressive selection of sushi, sashimi, and rolls. The restaurant also offers a great deal of authentic Japanese dishes such as tempura and teriyaki that will please those with a penchant for more than just sushi. That’s what makes Kamekazi one of the

Yukashi Japanese Cuisine

Yukashi Japanese Cuisine is one of the best places to get the authentic and healthy Japanese food. It is a perfect place for any occasion and the ambience and service are always great. They offer very reasonable prices and their waiters and waitresses are always welcoming and courteous, providing a perfect dining experience for anyone looking for quality and expertly prepared Japanese cuisine.

Yamato Japanese Restaurant

Yamato Japanese Restaurant is a notable and reputable establishment that seats customers and customers alike. They strive to provide their customers with the best food possible and the best overall experience. They make each customer feel like part of the family and value their opinions and views. The staff is always available for any questions and the food is always worth the price. Yamato Japanese Restaurant provides customers with a warm and friendly environment and a perfect place to dine after a long day.

Yumei Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Throughout the city of Toronto, there are many sushi restaurants that offer various styles of delicacies. For example, some places will offer sushi while others offer ramen. However, Yumei Sushi Japanese Restaurant offers many different types of food, including sushi, ramen, sashimi, and tempura. If you are looking for a place to go for a special occasion, Yumei Sushi Japanese Restaurant is a perfect choice.

Sushi on Bloor

Sushi on Bloor is a sushi restaurant with a modern and diverse menu. One of the most popular sushi rolls is the “Sliced Bison Roll” with grilled Sliced Bison, Avocado, Dynamite Sauce, and Shiitake Mushrooms. If you’re not a fan of seafood, the menu has a variety of vegetarian rolls as well. Sushi on Bloor also offers a variety of Japanese dishes including Japanese BBQ, Japanese Curry, and Japanese Noodle Soups. If you’re ever craving something sweet, stop by the Sushi on Bloor for dessert.

Issmi Japanese Restaurant

Toronto’s preeminent Japanese restaurant, Issmi, is located in the heart of the city on the corner of Yorkville Avenue and Avenue Road. Boasting a modern, upscale ambience with a wine bar, Issmi’s menu features traditional Japanese dishes as well as a variety of sushi. The restaurant’s signature dish is Wagyu beef.

Goen Japanese Restaurant

Goen Japanese Restaurant Toronto is a great place to dine on authentic Japanese cuisine such as sushi and teriyaki dishes. If you’re craving an authentic dish on the go, then this restaurant has got you covered. Located within Leslieville on Queen Street East, this place has a lot of redeeming qualities that will make it worth your while. With food that’s made to order and a menu that boasts a variety of dishes, you can’t go wrong with a night out at this restaurant.