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Best Patios in Toronto

The best patios in Toronto: Our Top Choices For You

What is your favourite patio? Summer is here and with it comes the possibility of spending time outdoors. While some may like to spend time at the beach or hosting a barbecue, there are many people that prefer the excitement of the city. A lot of people enjoy spending their time on patios. Patios are great because they are outdoor spaces that are usually enclosed on three sides, creating more of an intimate space. Here are some of the best patios in Toronto:

Carens Cocktail Bar

The Carens Cocktail Bar is perfect for those who are looking for a patio for socializing and business meetings. This patio features a fire pit and a screened in area for those who wish to be secluded. If you are looking for a place to watch the sunset, the top of the Bloor Viaduct is a perfect spot to do so. For those who enjoy alcohol, the Carens Cocktail Bar is the perfect place for you as they offer a variety of high-end liquor and cocktails. The venue also offers a plethora of appetizers that will help satisfy you.

Jimmy’s Coffee

Jimmy’s Coffee has become one of the people’s favourite destinations for coffee in Toronto because of the consistently excellent service and the comfortable, spacious seating outside. It’s hard to find a better place to enjoy a cup of coffee, or to strike up a convivial conversation with friends. Jimmy’s Coffee is the perfect choice for people who want to chill out and relax. And I’m not the only one who thinks so – it’s the best-reviewed coffee shop in Toronto!

Smoke’s Poutinerie

Smoke’s Poutinerie is a Canadian restaurant based in Toronto, and it offers a variety of dishes and moods to make for a great evening out. The first thing you’ll notice about Smoke’s Poutinerie is the beautiful patio and greenery. The patio furniture is covered in cushions and the greenery provides shade to those who want to enjoy their meal without getting too hot or too cold. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the river nearby provides a nice background noise, as well as a perfect place to take a break from work.

Bistro Live

The Bistro Live in Toronto, Ontario is one of the best patios in toronto that offers live entertainment every night, with the entertainment being changed according to the night of the week. Bistro Live is a great place to go for a meal if you are looking for some live music on the side.

Transcend Coffee

Transcend Coffee is a beautiful café located in the heart of Leslieville in Toronto, Ontario. Founded by people who are passionate about coffee, Transcend Café embraces the coffee experience. Transcend serves amazing coffee. Transcend’s baristas are experts in their craft, handcrafting coffee drinks with unique flavours, perfect temperatures, and the perfect amounts of espresso. They’re all about quality, freshness, and flavour, and are always looking to educate their customers on the best practices for enjoying coffee. Transcend is committed to providing freshly roasted 100% Canadian coffee, all roasted in-house by Transcend. They offer both brewed and espresso-based coffee.

Union 10

Union 10 is a staple of Toronto’s Kensington Market and is worth a visit for anyone who enjoys a diverse array of food and beverages, all at a very reasonable cost. Located a few steps from a major ten-pin bowling alley, Union 10 is a bar that offers a separate lounge, a patio and a restaurant. They have a wide range of beers that range from Pilsners to IPAs. They also have a number of craft beers. In addition to their selection of beers, they also have a selection of mixed drinks, as well as a number of organic beers. After you have been seated inside or outside, you can order from the menu which offers a range of starters, pizza, pasta, and burgers.

Sumach Flat

Sumach Flat is a great place to spend the day. It’s not too big and there’s plenty of space for dogs to roam around and just be their dogs. There’s a large dog park with a pond and a shady oak tree. There’s a lot of seating and it’s a relaxing place to just chill with friends and family.

With summer just around the corner, we’re counting down the days until we can enjoy the weather and time outdoors. One of our favourite ways to spend time outside is on a patio. Here are the best patios in Toronto.

Here are the best patios in Toronto for great food, drinks, music, and more. If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy your summer, look no further than these patios.