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Best Pizza in Toronto: Where to get Pizza when you hit the city

The Best Pizza in Toronto: A Guide to the Top Spots

Toronto is a city where people live and work. This means that they need food and that food needs to come from somewhere. After indulging in some of the city’s best shopping and entertainment, most people need a pizza. Luckily, the metropolis is filled with good, authentic food. From the traditional Italian joint to the local joint with a brick oven, Toronto has it all! Below is a list of spots, in no particular order, for those looking to try out the best pizza in Toronto.

The best pizza in Toronto

This blog post is written in order to help people find the best pizza in Toronto. Toronto does not have one specific place for “the best” pizza because there are so many different places with different styles of pizza. What is the difference between a flatbread and a pizza? Pizza and flatbread can both be used to refer to a round type of bread with toppings on it. Flatbread and pizza can be used interchangeably, but pizza is more commonly used in North America and flatbread in other parts of the world.

Carmen’s Pizza

Carmen’s Pizza is a great place to go when you’re in the mood for a delicious slice of pizza. They specialize in gourmet pizzas that are made from the best ingredients. This pizza restaurant is always busy, which lets you know that it’s popular. They have a diverse range of pizzas, from Margherita to the Meat Lover’s. The restaurant has a friendly vibe and the service is amazing.

Other great places for pizza in Toronto

Toronto is a city with a lot of pizza joints. When I’m in town and craving a slice of America’s favorite food, I usually head out and try a few different pizzerias. There are a few that I’ve tried and liked, and I thought it would be helpful for you to know that I think they’re the best. First up, we have Terroni. If you’re looking for a great Italian meal and pizza, this is the place for you. The pizza is high-quality and delicious, and the atmosphere is casual. Next, we have Pizzaiolo. This place has a great vibe with a lot of old-school charm.

Joe Pizza

Joe Pizza is a small restaurant in downtown Toronto. This little restaurant has a large menu. There are many combinations of pizza for you to choose from. Visit Joe Pizza to enjoy a delicious pizza without the expensive prices.  We strongly recommend this place for anyone that is coming into the city and loves pizza . Joe Pizza offers a cheap and delicious meal.

Tutti Matti

Toronto, Canada is a large and diverse city that has a lot to offer its inhabitants and those who visit for a short time. This blog post to inform and let travelers know of the great restaurant and bar Tutti Matti on King Street. Tutti Matti is a mostly outdoor restaurant and bar with a small indoor dining area. They offer pizza, appetizers, pasta, seafood, and veal dishes. Tutti Matti is one of the few restaurants in Toronto that serves Canadian wine on their wine list and they like to change their menu daily to reflect fresh seasonal produce.


Based in the heart of Leslieville, Truce Pizzeria is a small and cozy pizza restaurant serving delicious authentic Italian-inspired pizzas. The smells coming from the kitchen are absolutely mouth-watering and when you take your first bite of their signature Truce Pizza, you know it’s the best pizza in town. One of my personal favorite things about this place is that even though they are small in size, they manage to do it in style.


The best way to get the best pizza in Toronto is by doing some research and knowing where to look. There are some great places for good pizza in Toronto.