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4 Best Planetariums in Toronto For Your Curious Mind

Looking for the best planetarium in Toronto and nearby places? This article is for you!

Visiting a planetarium might seem like the ultimate in nerdiness, but it lets you explore everything that makes up our solar system, go beyond the limits of Google Earth, and experience the world around us in a whole new way. The best thing is that Toronto has great planetariums offering astronomical shows that you can watch during your free time.

Here are the best planetariums in Toronto that you can visit to learn something new about outer space.

Levelup Reality

must try virtual reality
Image Source: Levelup Reality Gallery

As the leading virtual reality arcade bar in downtown Toronto, Levelup Reality isn’t really a planetarium. But why is it on top of our list, you ask? It’s because it can virtually bring you to different places as well, very much the same as planetariums.

Virtual reality (VR) is an extended virtual environment that can be explored via headsets, and it allows users to navigate freely without any physical constraint – seeing things differently due to its immersive aspects. And one game offered by Levelup Reality lets you view outer space from a whole new perspective.

apollo 11
Image Source: Apollo 11 Steam

The Apollo 11 game offered by Levelup Reality in downtown Toronto transports you to outer space and lets you experience one of the most historically significant events in human history through the eyes of those who lived through it. Using an original archive audio and video mix together with true-to-life recreations of the spacecraft and locations, this exciting game will leave a lasting impression on you. Prepare to be inspired as you journey into the past and witness one of NASA’s greatest achievements!

Apollo 11 VR is unlike any documentary you have ever seen. You can relive the events of 1969 by flying the command module and landing on the moon. You can even explore the surface of the moon before returning to Earth in a fiery re-entry!

Ontario Science Center

ontario science centre
Image Source: Ontario Science Center Website

Ontario Science Centre is a science museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that offers an extensive collection of interactive and passive exhibits. The museum features everything in science and nature, from geology to human anatomy to communication and bias. There are also many interesting artifacts of science displayed throughout the buildings. Whether you’re looking for information on how things work or just want to learn more about what makes life fascinating, the Ontario Science Centre has something for you.

The astronomical wing of Ontario Science Centre is the only public planetarium that features a Toronto planetarium show and one of the few pieces of Mars (or Moon) rock on public display in Canada. Sit back for a fantastic voyage through the universe to learn more about our cosmic neighbors. There are a variety of astronomical shows to choose from, including ones specifically tailored for kids under five and their caregivers.

Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory

richmond hill
Image Source: Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory Google Business Image, Gabriel Chow

The David Dunlap Observatory is Canada’s largest and most advanced optical telescope. Located in the heart of Richmond Hill, Ontario, the building is 18.6 meters (61 feet) in diameter and the rotating dome weighs 73 metric tons. The telescope itself weighs 21 metric tons (without its primary mirror).

With its giant primary mirror measuring more than 1.88 meters (74 inches) in diameter, the observatory allows you to explore the universe at your fingertips. You can attend special Speaker Nights, enjoy interactive family events, or simply take in the stunning night sky. The David Dunlap Observatory is a must-see for anyone interested in astronomy!

At the David Dunlap Observatory, you can explore the universe like never before. Its state-of-the-art telescope offers expert programs for all ages, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in learning about space and astronomy. With its rotating dome and enormous mirror, this observatory is indeed a true marvel of engineering.

E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory

e.c. carr astro observatory
Image Source: RASC – E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory Google Business Image, Timothy Hunter

The E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory (CAO) is one of the many benefits that come with membership in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), Toronto Centre. Many people, including visual astronomers and astrophotographers, often spend their weekends there enjoying time with friends they’ve made within the RASC community. Located in between the Blue Mountains and Beaver Valley, this site offers some of the darkest skies in all of Ontario, as well as incredibly comfortable amenities that make it an ideal spot for stargazing.

The Geoff Brown Observatory (GBO) is the main observatory for research-grade telescopes and mounts. It has a roof that rolls off to make it easy for members to use. Pop into the “warm room” to chat, dodge mosquitoes, or warm your toes. The Sue-Lora Observatory (SLO) is dedicated to astrophotography intended to be used by a single person and features a Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrain telescope specially selected and designed for imaging. For members who have their own telescopes or binoculars, a large observing pad with AC power is also available.

Explore the Outer Space and Learn Something New

Planetariums are one of the best ways to learn about outer space. They offer the chance to explore our solar system and beyond. These giant domes create the illusion that you can travel the stars, with all their amazing objects and planets.

So if you’re highly curious about the stars, planets, and the universe in general, it’s time to visit these planetariums and learn something new!