Where to Get the Best Tacos in Toronto

Best Tacos in Toronto: The List of the Top Tacos in Toronto

Tacos are a delicious Mexican cuisine that are abundant in Toronto. From cheap tacos to all-you-can-eat tacos, the options are plentiful. Here are some of the best tacos in Toronto.

Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos

Toronto is home to many cuisines, but there’s no question that tacos are one of the most popular. Known in the city as “street food,” tacos are popular amongst locals and visitors alike. But, where’s the best place for the best tacos in Toronto?

Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos is one of the best in the city. Located on College Street, just south of King Street West, this restaurant is tucked away just enough to draw people in. Upon arrival, one is greeted by the scent of fresh seafood, which is cooked in-house by Rick, who’s been cooking for over 20 years! The restaurant also offers chicken, beef, and veggie food items.

Mi Taco Taqueria

The best tacos in Toronto can be found at Mi Taqueria Taqueria, which has been in the business of selling mouthwatering tacos for years. The restaurant has been serving out tacos that are made with a guisado or a salad. The guisado is a stew that is a stew that is made with a variety of different meats and vegetables. The vegetables come from a variety of sources, but often includes carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and the healthiest meat the restaurant can get its hands on.

Tacos El Asador

Toronto is a city bustling with great food spots. One of the best types of food you can find is at Tacos El Asador.

This store is a paradise for any taco lover. You can walk in and order a single taco, a taco bowl, a burrito, a quesadilla, a torta, a jug of fresh juice, or even grilled octopus. They’ve got many different types of tacos to choose from, so you’ll never get tired of the food.

If you’ve never been to Tacos El Asador before, you should make it your first stop. It’s perfect for any type of occasion.

El Nahual Tacos

One of the best places to get tacos in Toronto is El Nahual Tacos. This family-owned restaurant offers Mexican tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, tortas, guacamole, and salsa.

The tacos are made with fresh ingredients and the recipes are handed down by law. The tortas are famous for their size and are served with avocado, beans, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapenos, and cilantro.

Those who are to trying their first torta should try the El Nahual torta which is a mix of beef and chicken. The beef torta is made with chopped beef and the chicken with grilled chicken.