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Escape Worlds: How VR will Level Up your Escape Room Experience!

For years, escape rooms have been so popular across different countries and to this day, people are still pretty hooked!

It could be inspired by a magical kingdom from a classic fairy tale. Or it could be based on a spine-tingling horror movie that will surely give you nightmares! Different themed rooms have been created to keep things fresh and new. BUT what if I tell you that we’re ready to level up your next escape room experience?

Brace yourself for this awesome upgrade we call… VR ESCAPE ROOMS!

It’s undeniable that escape rooms are already fun… But wait until you try one with a seamlessly integrated virtual reality experience! Here are some reasons why you should rush to the VR escape room near you!

You pay for an escape room, you get an ESCAPE WORLD!


With virtual reality serving as your ticket to an unforgettable adventure, you’re not just paying for a “room,” you’re paying for endless possibilities! You have the power to transform the corners of your escape room into a different and utterly fascinating world– each one amplifying the thrill of puzzles and mysteries you’ve come to love!

Hold on tight and get ready to transcend into different worlds as VR escape rooms cater to the limitless imagination!

You get to unleash the most curious you!

If solving good old-fashioned puzzles and mysteries excite you, we can’t wait for you to try what a VR escape room has in store. It could be exciting to rummage through piles and piles of random things just to find the next clue. But, I bet it would be even more exciting to traverse worlds to get to solve a mystery!

With a virtual reality escape room, you are immediately placed in an unfamiliar space that demands further exploration. But remember, getting used to the environment is only the first challenge. You’ll have to unleash the detective in you as you uncover patterns, confirm your theories, and test out combinations! This VR escape room experience is certainly a delight for the curious!


You work together, you win together!

Worried about whether the whole team will get to play together? But of course! With Multiplayer options, your group can escape together!

Integrating virtual reality in your team’s escape room experience will not just level up the excitement. It’s also bound to inspire stronger teamwork and collaboration, all while each member of the team is sure to be having fun!

If you’re ready for a mind-blowing VR escape room experience, we’re ready to give it to you! Book with us NOW and check out our promo page for discounts!