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Fun Group Activities in Toronto: The Best Ways to Have a Good Time With Your Friends

Best fun group activities Toronto

After spending days, weeks, and months together, eventually a time comes when you start to miss your friends. Maybe it’s because of the hectic work schedule or just the typical winter blues, but either way, it is time to get your friends back! Thankfully, there are many fun ways to do this! For example, playing games is a great way to spend time with your friends. It provides an opportunity for bonding and laughter that can be hard in today’s busy world. Here are some great fun group activities Toronto and games you can play with your friends to have fun:

Some Best Group Activities

You can play a game of poker as a game of skill. Don’t worry about your luck. Most likely, you will end up making money and enjoying yourself. You can either join friends for a game, or you can bring your own game and have fun playing. You can play games like Candy Land or Clue with the whole group, or you can play Sorry with each person individually. Whatever the activity, it can be fun if everyone is invested. You can also choose to play games with different ages and levels of experience. For example, board games like Candy Land are great for all ages, but games like Monopoly are great for a younger audience. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who enjoys drinking, it is worth investing in the alcohol beforehand and bringing it along.

Best bars for fun group activities Toronto

The community bar in Etobicoke is a great place to catch up with your friends. There are tons of board games and pinball machines for you to enjoy. At this bar you can also get together for the night with friends to watch the huge screen TV or get competitive in table top games. Aside from bar activities, there are other fun group activities you can do with your friends in Toronto. Some of these are located in places such as Yonge & Dundas, Chinatown, and Little Italy. These are popular and fun to be at and provide you with a great opportunity to catch up.

What are some games you can play with friends?

Toronto has plenty of board game stores to satisfy your gaming needs. However, the best place to go for Monopoly fans is Barcades, which has numerous games and can also accommodate for guests’ needs. If you want something more creative then check out Space Invaders at Chessie Alley. If you’re more focused on sports then you should check out East Side Hockey, Torero Bar, or Margaritaville for a shot of “happy juice.” Next is an oldie, but a goodie: Battleship. This game requires teamwork, creativity, and strategies. It will keep your friends together as you navigate your way to victory. You can play it either in a restaurant or at home.

How to play dice games

Dice games are liked by many as one of the best fun group activities Toronto. Decide a number between 0 to 20 and the person who rolled highest wins. Begin to roll 2 dice. Take turns and roll again and again until you feel you have rolled all the dice. The higher the number, the person who rolled highest wins. How to play Battleship? First, choose 4 captains. Each captain decides on the first game piece he will take on the board. Play with alternating sides. For example, first team to find the 5 on their side of the board wins. Have a good time with these games and make new friends!


The more fun group activities you do with your friends, the more likely you are to remain friends.