Fun Ideas for Halloween Activities in Toronto

5 Spooky Scary Halloween Activities in Toronto

Halloween Activities Toronto

We are spoilt for choice in Toronto as the city quickly gets into the spirit! Today, every residence and business is trying to outdo each other for their Halloween displays and events. That means there are some excellent Halloween activities in Toronto to attend, each as spooky and scary as the next. While many are great, some of them are out of this world. Let us offer our recommendations on how to spend a spooky season!

5 Halloween Activities That Make the Best of Spooky Season

Are you searching for something extraordinary to do this spooky season? Toronto is never short of thrilling and exciting Halloween activities. However, some of them are a must-visit, considering they capture the spirit of Halloween perfectly, and they tingle the senses in all the right ways. Discover 5 Halloween activities in Toronto below.

1. Play some spooky and scary games at Levelup Reality.

Levelup Reality

There’s nothing better to get into the Halloween spirit than jumping into a horror-filled universe. Levelup Reality offers virtual reality experiences with a ton of spooky and scary games. It’s like being thrown directly into those terrifying films we watch every Halloween, except this time – you are the actors in the movie. How will you survive all the horrors that plague these virtual universes?

There are a few Halloween games to play to perfectly capture the spooky season spirit. Affected: The Manor is a daring walk through a haunted house with survival at stake. Defend yourself against monsters in The Brookhaven Experiment. Maybe you’d like to unravel mysteries in The Curious Cases? Whatever your Halloween flavor – there’s a game everyone can enjoy.

2. Take a haunted ghost walk around Pickering Village.

If you needed one spot that’s littered with terrifying and eerie histories, it’s Pickering Village. It’s almost like this historic township was made for Halloween, given all the past events that took place. The village is also a perfect backdrop to get your goosebumps going, surrounded by all the fall foliage and dark trails that set the scene for an old horror movie.

Pickering Village is full of ‘real’ haunted houses and a bastion of paranormal activity. Take a haunted ghost walk around the village to learn about the tragedies and solemn stories that plagued this community. There’s said to be evidence of ghosts and spirits around. So be sure to say hi if you run into any of them!

3. Get into the Halloween spirit at Pumpkins After Dark.

It just isn’t Halloween without pumpkins, right? We know a lot of residents of Toronto take Halloween into high regard. Nearly every house and location has some sort of pumpkin display to showcase their enthusiasm for the fall event. However, nothing quite compares to the pumpkin display you’ll find at Pumpkins After Dark.

Here you’ll find thousands of pumpkins, all hand-carved to perfection. It’s a Halloween activity in Toronto where locals come to showcase their creativity. Everyone can get involved with pumpkin carving demonstrations, making Pumpkins After Dark a brilliant place for families or groups to get into the Halloween spirit.

4. Be stunned by the Spooktacular Light Show.

Spooktacular Light Show

Illumination may not be synonymous with Halloween, but the Spooktacular Light Show is something that needs to be seen to be believed. This drive-thru event attracted thousands of visitors and sold out nearly every night last year. The Spooktacular Light Show is one of the most unique Halloween activities in Toronto and worth the visit.

Along a route of over 2km, you’ll find the road lit with over 1.5 million 2D and 3D Halloween-themed light displays. It may not be a spooky activity, but the visuals and colors are simply stunning. All the family can enjoy this journey and marvel at some of these illustrious creations.

5. Watch zombies wrestle at Superkickd.

What represents the spooky season better than zombies? At Superkickd, they are not adhering to the traditional ‘run away from zombies’ approach. They are hosting an event where you can watch zombies wrestle. If you prefer humor over spooky for your Halloween activities in Toronto, this is the right place for you.

The event is held at The Great Hall in Toronto and on the show for a limited time only. You’ll be able to sit back and watch the undead take on each other in the battle of the century. No need to worry about these guys coming for your brains!

Prepare for a Thrill This Halloween in Toronto

Any spooky season enthusiast always wants to make a memorable Halloween. These activities capture the best of what the event is all about. There are thrills, scares, entertainment – and all-around good times to be had at the Halloween activities in Toronto above. We’ll see you there!

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