Ideal Activities to Do When It’s Raining Outside in Toronto

Rainy Day Activities Toronto: Rainy Day Fun

Getting out of the house or job is especially challenging when it rains or snows. When the weather outside is bleak and most people prefer to stay inside, we’ve got some things that can keep your mood light and your body active. The sky might be gray and the most ambitious of us might be thinking “I don’t want to go out in that,” but we’re here to tell you it’s all worth it when you get there. There are options for everyone to choose from a myriad of rainy day activities Toronto so don’t let the weather dissuade you from getting out.

Outdoor Fun in the Rain

When it’s raining outside, there are plenty of indoor rainy day activities Toronto. But why not take advantage of the rain and spend time outdoors?

There’s nothing like feeling the rain on your face, listening to the sound of the thunder, and inhaling the fresh air. Here are some suggestions for what to do on your next rainy day!

1) Grab some coffee and spend an hour at Starbucks with friends

2) Spend an hour playing board games at The Board Game Barrister

3) Visit the Toronto Armouries

4) Spend an hour at the Royal Ontario Museum

5) Treat yourself to a beauty treatment at one of Toronto’s best spas

Go window shopping

The perfect activity to do when it’s raining outside in Toronto is window shopping. Toronto is one of the largest cities in North America, so there are many shops to peruse. You can find clothing stores, shoe stores, toy stores, and more. Go on a shopping spree at some of the best stores in Toronto. Enjoy browsing and find some new items for your wardrobe or home.

Indoor Fun in the Rain

As winter continues its grip on Toronto, it may be hard to deal with the rain and cold weather. But don’t despair! The city is filled with many opportunities for indoor fun. From free rainy day activities Toronto to large-scale events, there is no shortage of fun things to do in the rain to enjoy the season.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite indoor rainy day activities Toronto that can be enjoyed no matter what time of year it is!

-Take a tour of the City Hall Rotunda.

-Learn about the history of Toronto at the Museum of Inuit Art.

-Make your very own pizza from fresh ingredients at the Pizzeria Libretto.

-Have a fun time

Go to the zoo in the rain

Rain makes for a perfect day outdoors to spend at the zoo. Going to the zoo in the rain is a great idea as the animals are much less active and the weather is not as warm as it would be otherwise. In addition, many animals may not be present in the rain forest house depending on their style of habitat. It is a much quieter and calmer environment which makes for a nice break from the chaos of the everyday. As a reminder, during a rainstorm always make sure your umbrella is closed or you can risk going to the zoo in a much wetter and more spattered outfit than you could have imagined.

Go see a movie

Toronto has a lot of beautiful scenery to offer tourists. One example of this is the Toronto Entertainment District, which is the largest one in Canada. It’s an area with restaurants, shops, bars, and galleries that can entertain you for hours! If you’re feeling like doing something more active, the Royal Ontario Museum features educational exhibits like dinosaur skeletons, and there are also various sporting stadiums that can give you an adrenaline rush. While you’re in Toronto, make sure to see a movie! Movie theaters come in all shapes and sizes so there is guaranteed to be one near you to fit your mood. Check out the AMC theaters for theaters with an IMAX screen or the Scotiabank Cinema for luxury seats.

Go to a museum in Toronto

The Toronto Museum Centre has something for everyone! If you’re feeling curious about the history of the city, the Museum Centre is the place for you. If you’re feeling creative, the Museum Centre is the place for you. It’s home to collections of art, natural history, world cultures, and everyday life. If you’re looking to extend your physical or mental skills, the Museum Centre is the place for you.

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