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5 Fun Rainy Day Activities In Toronto You Should Not Miss

If you’re looking for the best rainy day activities in Toronto, this article is for you!

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Toronto is known for its rainy season. And while it’s no secret that Toronto has humidity and precipitation that lasts most of the year, that shouldn’t stop you from finding fun things to do on a rainy day here.

Here are 5 activities that you will surely enjoy while waiting for the Toronto rain to stop.

Experience Virtual Reality at Levelup Virtual Reality Arcade

Who says a rainy day activity can’t be action-filled?

Levelup VR is the premier virtual reality experience for people in downtown Toronto who want something both mental and physical on a rainy day. With more than 80 games and a large arcade space, you don’t just come out with a high score – you also get full-on active entertainment as well as fun food and drinks.

level up reality
Image Source: Levelup VR Arcade Gallery

Ask anyone who’s been there: they’ll tell you that Level Up goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is having a great time. If doing nothing while waiting for the rain to stop seems boring for you, head over to Levelup Reality for some fun.

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The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the most magnificent and interesting cultural institutions in downtown Toronto.

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Image Source: Art Gallery of Ontario Google Business Photos, Chris Ellis

The museum offers a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience through its permanent collection, rotating exhibitions, film screenings, and special events. One of the main attractions at the AGO is ‘Mirroring Venice,’ which features a Venetian canal that was built within the museum.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is an iconic Toronto attraction – and it’s so much more than just a gallery. Sure, it houses the largest collection of Canadian art in the country, with over 90,000 pieces on display. But it also has a 12-acre urban park, a historic McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.

Explore Marine Wildlife at Ripleys Aquarium

On a wet day, there’s nowhere better to get your mind off rain clouds than at Ripley’s Aquarium.

In this massive underwater viewing tunnel, you and your kids can gaze at tropical fish, stingrays, eels, sea turtles, and sharks – as well as touch tanks and live shows where divers feed the creatures. Exploring its three galleries is an adventure to remember for curious minds both young and old.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the most magnificent and interesting cultural institutions in downtown Toronto.

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Image Source: Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada Google Business Photos, Sahil Saini

Ripleys Aquarium features thousands of marine animals from around the world and a diverse ecosystem, so you’re sure to learn fun things with every visit.

Tour Casa Loma

If you feel like spending rainy days in a castle, Casa Loma is your go-to place.

Casa Loma is arguably the most majestic and certainly the most intriguing Toronto attraction. If you’re looking for sweeping views of the city and magnificent medieval architecture, this hideaway is your best bet.

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Image Source: Casa Loma Instagram

This real estate wonder is a spectacularly architectured castle on the outskirts of Toronto. One of Toronto’s major attractions for tourists and local visitors, it’s famous for its 98 rooms and 30 bathrooms, not to mention its secret passageways, underground pool, antique car display, and Hollywood film gallery.

With a Michelin-starred restaurant, Don Alfonso 1890, located in the observatory, Casa Loma’s a bustling hub for the whole city.

Learn Arts and Culture at Royal Ontario Museum

Learning arts and culture is a fun rainy day activity, and Royal Ontario Museum got you covered with this!

The Royal Ontario Museum is a beloved cultural institution that brings the world to Toronto. Through interactive exhibits and outreach, it educates the public about art and science – with a special focus on experiential learning and hands-on activities. Its design takes its cues from the surrounding city, using glass to blur the lines between interior and exterior.

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Royal Ontario Museum Art Gallery

Image Source: Royal Ontario Museum Google Business Photos, Aarick Zaman

Home to a variety of interactive exhibits, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is a place where learning can be fun and exciting, especially for kids. While visiting this stunning museum, you’ll see the world around you through a different eye-and gain an appreciation for everything that our planet has to offer.

If you have a passion for learning about the arts and humanities, or if you wish to explore Canada’s natural landscape, ROM is a great place to start.