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Your Alternative to Toronto VR Games is Levelup Reality!

Levelup Reality is Filling the Virtual Reality Void Toronto VR Games Left Behind

Toronto VR Games has closed – but hope is not lost!

Were you looking to get your virtual reality game on at Toronto VR Games? Unfortunately, the business has closed amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean you are out of options for a compelling VR experience. Not too far away from Toronto VR Games’ former location lies a brilliant venue taking charge of all your virtual reality wishes. That name is Levelup Reality!

Here’s a Toast to Our Fallen Virtual Reality Gaming Comrade – Toronto VR Games

Sadly, one of the pioneers of virtual reality experiences in Toronto is no longer operating. It set the standards as a new type of immersive and engaging arcade for persons of all ages to enjoy. The pandemic has been tough on all of us, especially those that depend on physical storefronts to survive. Here’s to Toronto VR Games, but know their legacy is not forgotten!

Levelup Reality is Offering a Fantastic Avenue To Resume Your VR Gaming Experiences

Carrying the torch and spearheading the drive for thrilling virtual reality experiences in Toronto is Levelup Reality. Should you be looking for a new place to scratch that VR gaming itch, you need to look no further. Levelup Reality is transferring the legacy of Toronto VR Games and revolutionizing the entertainment value of virtual reality gaming. So, how is this venue delivering on the promise as a fantastic avenue for VR gaming?

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Here Are a Few Reason’s Why Levelup Reality is an Excellent Alternative to Toronto VR Games

Toronto VR Games may be missed for a variety of reasons. However, take solace in the fact that Levelup Reality strives to offer an excellent alternative. Are you looking for some virtual reality adrenaline, want to whisk away from the cares of the world, or host a memorable party? Here are a few reasons why Levelup Reality is breaking boundaries in Toronto’s VR gaming sphere.

1. Levelup Reality has a vast library of 80+ games to enjoy!

Where Toronto VR Games offered multiple booths and a plethora of games to enjoy – Levelup Reality is going one step further. They have over 80 different games and experiences to enjoy, transcending you to wild west battlefields and interplanetary piloting. There’s something tailored to every kind of gamer at this venue!

2. You can host immersive parties, team gatherings, and events here with ease.

Toronto VR Games was known as a place to host parties, considering it offered immersive virtual reality gaming catering to a sizeable number of guests. Levelup Reality is an expert at handling big occasions. They can cater and organize birthday parties, team outings, corporate events, and any gathering with numerous people.

3. These virtual reality experiences are great for kids.

Review platforms across the board rated Toronto VR Games as a great place to take your kids. Never fear that the virtual reality experience is gone for your children. Your young ones can enjoy the same VR games they relished at the last venue. And with the nearly endless number of experiences to enjoy – you may even have to come back a few times to play them all!

4. It’s easy to access right near the downtown core of Toronto!

You won’t need to miss the accessible location of Toronto VR Games – Levelup Reality is right where you’d want it to be! Found near downtown, Levelup Reality isn’t too far away from the old Toronto VR Games located in Kensington Market. Wherever you’re coming from – know that an incredible VR awaits without any hassle of getting there.

5. Levelup Reality is open, COVID-safe, and ready to provide exciting entertainment.

Understandably, many virtual reality gaming locations have faced hardship given the pandemic restrictions. However, Levelup Reality is determined to deliver a new-age entertainment center to those who want to revel in some fantastic VR experiences. They have taken all necessary precautions and measures to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves in a COVID-safe environment.

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Like a Phoenix from the Ashes, Levelup Reality Offers Brilliant New Virtual Reality Experiences to Customers

Well, virtual reality gaming is not reborn in Toronto. But Levelup Reality continues the great work that Toronto VR Games left off in giving everyone new entertainment. Whether you are a gamer, an adrenaline seeker, an adventure enthusiast, or just plain curious – Levelup Reality is flying the VR banner in Toronto now. Make sure you pay a visit and check out everything they have to offer!