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Welcome to VR Experiences

Sit back, relax, and..

Fly through the skies as birds soar alongside you.

Say hello to sea creatures while you float in the sea.

Duck for cover as laser beams zip by.


Virtual Reality Experience (or VR Experience) can cover a broad range of activities, but most importantly VR conveys a feeling of immersion. Put on a virtual reality headset, dive into a virtual world alone or with friends and you can experience everything there is to offer.

Jumping into the large expanse that covers virtual reality experiences can be overwhelming for some, so we narrow them down into two groups:

  • Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences
  • Gaming Virtual Reality Experiences

Immersive VR Experiences


Immersive experiences are what you may call a VR movie experience. These are the types of experiences where you can:

  • Climb your way to the top of snowy Mount Everest (Everest VR)
  • Roam prehistoric Earth as dinosaurs loom nearby (Nature Treks VR)
  • Get a birds-eye view of your home that you’ve never seen before (Google Earth VR)

Immersive experiences are the easiest starting point for newcomers to VR. Most have little to no VR button controls for people to remember so you’re able to focus on the experience and enjoy your surroundings.

Not all immersive experiences are peaceful walks in the park. Some are more exhilarating and heart-pounding:

  • Inch your way through a haunted house and have ghosts terrorize you with every passing second (Affected The Manor VR)
  • Navigate as a spacecraft makes a tense landing on the moon (Apollo 11 VR)
  • Rock out to a musical symphony with disco visuals pumping (Fantasynth)

Gaming VR Experiences


Gaming experiences are where a lot of the interactive fun comes in. There are action games, adventure games, and plenty more genres to guarantee hours of entertainment. Here we can also narrow this topic into two subcategories:

  • Simple Gaming VR Experiences
  • Complex Gaming VR Experiences

The main difference in these two categories would be learning of the VR controls.

Simple Gaming VR Experiences

Simple gaming VR experiences usually have as little as one or two VR button controls to remember:

Complex Gaming VR Experiences

Complex gaming VR experiences may require different combinations of VR button controls:

  • Fight off a robot army with a partner as both of you blast away at the robots (Raw Data)
  • Shoot through a Zombie Apocalypse as you strive towards the last bastion of hope (Arizona Sunshine)
  • Pave your way through a Wizards Maze, as you defend yourself with both sword and crossbow (Waltz of the Wizard)

Once you get the hang of the VR controls, more complex gaming VR experiences should be on your must-try list. For many, the VR gaming experiences in this complex category ends up becoming one of their favourites!

Are you ready…?

You now know of the intense world of Gaming Experiences, and the breathtaking world of Immersive Experiences. All that’s left is to find some friends and enjoy the times that await! But remember there is much more to VR than what has been mentioned here. Just like the real world, the virtual world is massive and holds many secrets that are waiting for you to discover.

So… don’t hold back! Go and join everyone else in the World of Virtual Experiences.