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The Best Donut Shops in Toronto

The best donuts Toronto – The top places to grab donuts in Toronto

Toronto is home to many donut shops and it can be difficult to decide on just one. However, there are many great donuts shops in Toronto that should not be missed. Some of the best donut shops in Toronto include:

Tim Horton’s

The good old classic, Tim Hortons is a Canadian favourite. Tim Horton’s is the world’s largest quick-service restaurant chain and has been around for many years.

Swiss Chalet Diners

If you want a more upscale experience, try Swiss Chalet Diners. Swiss Chalet is a Canadian restaurant chain and has been around for years. Swiss Chalet Diners offers a wide variety of flavors and toppings and also includes many other options.

bloomer’s Queen

Toronto is known for its great food scene. One of the most popular cuisines is deep-fried dough. I share these thoughts to help out anyone who is craving some deep-fried doughy goodness.

Well, if you’re in Toronto and looking for a donut, where should you go to get the best donuts Toronto has to offer?

The best donut in Toronto is at “Bloomer’s Queen.” This is not an actual donut shop so the business is not open for 24 hours. However, they are open in the daytime.


Donuts are the perfect snack any time of the day. They are sweet and yeasty and come in a variety of shapes, flavors, and sizes. If you’re looking for a tasty donut, no need to go any further than Machino Donuts in Toronto.

At Machino Donuts, you’ll find a variety of exceptional donuts. Their buttermilk donut is a hit with both sweet and savory flavors. You can have it glazed, frosted, or dipped in chocolate. If you like your donuts spicy, try their spicy maple donut which is Yeo Valley maple syrup mixed with cayenne pepper. For the classics, the Machino Classic is one you can rely on.

Krispy Kreme Café

Donuts are one of America’s finest traditions, second only to the hamburger. Without the donut, there would be too much bacon. Anyway, one of the best places in Toronto for donuts is Krispy Kreme Café.

They have a wide selection of best donuts Toronto offers, including the very traditional glazed donut, but they also have an assortment of flavors like strawberry, raspberry, maple bacon, zebra, pumpkin spice, black & white, and apple cider. Plus, they have a variety of different coating options like white chocolate, almonds, cinnamon sugar, and sprinkles. The perfect donut for me is the caramel apple cider, with white chocolate coating and cinnamon sugar on top. Mmm!

Glory Hole Doughnuts

Many Toronto natives know that Toronto has some serious thirst for doughnuts. There are always new doughnut makers popping up all over the city, but it’s easier to find the classics. One of the most popular doughnut shops in the city is Glory Hole Doughnuts.

Beyond the classic flavors, Glory Hole Doughnuts are rotating flavors with their own creative twist. For example, the Blueberry Haze features a maple blueberry frosting with a blueberry center. The Lemon Drop features a lemon pecan frosting with a lemon curd center.

Dipped Donuts Inc.

Dipped Donuts is a small food franchise that sells delicious donuts. They believe in giving their customers the best to ensure they are happy. All of their donuts are made fresh to order to ensure they are always fresh and tasty. Their donuts come in many different flavors, so anyone can find something to enjoy. They also offer donuts that are dipped in cinnamon and sugar. Their staff is very polite and professional.