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Best Tattoo Shops in Toronto

Get Inked at 6 of the Best Tattoo Shops in Toronto

Best Tattoo Shops Toronto

Toronto’s tattoo scene is what harnesses some of the most artistic souls in the city. There could be a variety of reasons why you’d want to get tattooed – memories, experiences, expressions – maybe even a moment of your visit to Toronto? Everyone will have the same idea on their mind when thinking about getting a tattoo, though. Where is the best place to get one in the city?

What Defines the Best Tattoo Shops in Toronto?

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There are many tattoo shops in Toronto to choose from, but not all are of the same caliber. When searching for an ideal tattoo studio, you’d want to consider the professionalism and environment in the shop. If you enter a tattoo studio and feel uncomfortable for inexplicable reasons – you’d probably want to trust your instincts!

Toronto tattoo shops should have certification from public health authorities to ensure safety. The artists should have a wealth of creativity but also put their customers first. They should be communicative, friendly, open to ideas, and honest about their abilities. It may be a lot to consider, but we’ve visited plenty of shops in the city and found the best ones for you.

Get Your Next Tattoo at one of the 6 Best Tattoo Shops in Toronto.

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Have you got an idea for a new tattoo? Maybe you’re looking to discuss potential body art? Perhaps you need advice on the safest places to get tattooed? Rest assured that we’ve gathered some of the best tattoo shops in Toronto to consider your next ink. They are decorated with awards and public health certified. Not to mention, they feature some of the most talented and friendly artists in the city. Discover our 5 favorites below:

1. Chronic Ink Tattoo

You won’t find any more of a complete tattoo shop in Toronto than Chronic Ink Tattoo. The parlor began as a humble operation but expanded into one of the city’s most established body art establishments. The multiple awards they’ve earned have helped them gain recognition as one of Toronto’s finest. It’s supplemented by a wide array of tattoo services enhanced by excellent customer service.

2. Ink & Water Tattoo Studio

Ink & Water is a Toronto tattoo shop that’s dedicated to its clients. The level of professionalism, creativity and communication you find here creates one of the most comforting environments to get your ink done. The team is always open to discussions about ideas for your tattoos. Trust us when we say your jaw will drop at the portfolio of creations behind this studio.

3. Golden Iron Tattoo Studio

You’d probably feel in a good tattoo company when you know there are over 103-awards decorating the studio. Not only is Golden Iron Tattoo one of the most revered tattoo shops in Toronto, but the entire of Canada. Visitors from all over the country and internationally flock to the studio to enjoy Goden Iron. The versatility, unique techniques, and vast creativity of the artists don’t go amiss.

4. Passage Tattoo Studio

Passage curate a more nostalgic 90s environment from their specialty in grayscale tattoos. However, that certainly doesn’t limit their offerings as tattoo artists. The shop offers a complete range of services taking safety, security, and cleanliness into high regard. Passage consistently gets high ratings among its clientele for these very reasons.

5. Black Line Body Art Boutique

Black Line is considered one of the best tattoo shops in Toronto, considering the unique plethora of services offered. Not only can you get tattooed, but they offer laser hair removal, acne treatments, and a whole host of body and skin services. If you’re looking for something more than just your traditional body art, Black Line is absolutely worth the visit.

6. Okey Doke Tattoo Shop

Everybody enjoys a few stories behind the establishments they visit. It’s the tales behind Okey Doke Tattoo Shop that make it such a fascinating venue to get your next tattoo. It’s survived a fire, had a few intriguing moments behind their randomized tattoo offerings, but most importantly – they are excellent at what they offer. Even with all those stories, the highest standard of professionalism is maintained.

Get Your Body Art Done the Toronto Way at the City’s Best Tattoo Shops

Whether you’ve been planning your next tattoo for a long time or may want body art on a whim – there’s no better place than Toronto. This vibrant city harbors some of the finest creative minds in the world, and that certainly doesn’t fall short here. Discover what the diverse and artistic tattooists of Toronto have to offer – you could be amazed at how your next tattoo turns out!