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4 Places To Play Laser Tag in Toronto

Wanting to play laser tag in Toronto but don’t know where? This article got you covered!

Laser tag is a popular form of entertainment that has been played since the 1980s. The use of specialized equipment and the intense competition makes it a popular pastime for players and game operators a like.

If you’re planning to get away for a weekend with lots of excitement in Toronto, laser tag is right up your alley! The list below highlights the best places where you can book and play laser tag in Toronto.

Levelup Reality

must try virtual reality
Image Source: Levelup Reality Gallery

LevelUp Reality is an interactive VR arcade and laser tag in downtown Toronto that offers its customers a chance to hone their skills against friends or other opponents in hilarious games of laser tag. While it’s not an actual laser tag place, it’s a gaming arcade that can transport you to an indoor laser tag course through virtual reality. It gives you an authentic experience of shooting games in VR and allows you to participate in shooting each other with a lot of adrenaline pumping.

Skyfront is a popular VR game available on Levelup Reality that gives you laser tag shooting vibes. It is a multiplayer space shooter that features fast-paced zero-gravity battles and friendly AI in beautiful, dynamic environments. As this is a bloodless game, you can play against your little sister, mom, and that one really squeamish friend that freaks out every time someone mentions blood!

skyfront poster
Image Source: Skyfront VR Steam

Skyfront presents you with the ultimate weapon set-up and abilities to help you take down your opponents! Whether you prefer long-range shooting or getting up close and personal – they got you covered! Additionally, they also have Zero-G pineapples!

The four unique arenas offer various strategic gameplay options that let each player tailor the game to their own style, from fast-paced games to more strategic ones.

You can also choose between three different game modes; traditional Single Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Domination. Upon unlocking a new progression level, you’ll be awarded customization assets that will let you become your perfect VR! The bragging rights you get, whenever you level up, are certainly worth it.

Playtime Bowl & Entertainment

playtime bowl
Image Source: Playtime Bowl & Entertainment Google Business Image

Gear up and get ready for an exciting adventure in Playtime Bowl & Entertainment’s brand new 4000 sq. ft. laser tag arena! In Laser Tag, you will compete against other players by navigating through glowing pillars, arches, and passageways in a foggy, music-filled adventure. Players make their way through the course trying to shoot their opponents before they can do the same to them.

If you’re looking for a thrilling and exciting experience, look no further than their up-tempo laser tag game! Their unique scoring system will never make you lose track of the action. Plus, your safety is always guaranteed with their cutting-edge laser vest and phaser technology. This is an adrenaline-pumping experience that is sure to have everyone on the edge of their seats!


Image Source: DP Lazer Maze Inc. Laser Tag Google Business Image, Zene Lewis

DP Lazer Maze Inc is the perfect place for any group of people looking to have a fun time. With lots of activities available, your group can have a blast whether they’re playing sports, bonding together as a youth group, or just having some innocent fun. Their state-of-the-art laser tag arena is one of the best in the Greater Toronto Area, and their facility has everything your group might need to have an incredible time.

Their massive 5000 sq. foot laser tag arena located in Woodbridge is perfect for a multitude of players! Young and old alike can enjoy a day of intense action-packed fun with the trained Game Marshalls monitoring the games at all times to ensure fair play and safe play. With an ever-changing array of thrilling game modes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


lazermaze 1
Image Source: eZone Website Gallery

Whether you’re in the mood to play laser tag with the family or meet new people, you’ll find it at eZone.

It’s the ultimate one-stop entertainment venue that combines everything from laser tag and music to laser-disc games and arcades. Laser Tag at the eZone is set in a well-lit, sprawling venue with a variety of game areas for all ages and experience levels. The Laser Tag arena spans over 5,000 sqft and will take around an hour to complete.

Have Fun Playing Laser Tag With Family and Friends

Playing laser tag is a fun way to spend your free time. It’s more than just an activity for kids indoors: it’s an outlet for adults who want to challenge themselves, work on their team-building skills, and have a great time with like-minded people. Laser tag is played indoors or out, in hard play areas or game zones, and you can even get into virtual reality on your computer!

If you want some action-packed activity, gather your friends and play laser tag in the places mentioned above. In fact, why not try a laser tag birthday party in Toronto for your loved ones’ special day? Whatever the event is, you won’t regret booking these places!