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Here’s 7 Must-Do Toronto Waterfront Activities

Toronto Waterfront Activities

Toronto is home to one of the largest lakefronts in the world – stretching over 46km – to be exact. That leaves a lot of room for activities, but the Toronto waterfront centers some of the best things to do. If you’re visiting the city, a trip down to the harbor is essential. We’d like to share some of the must-do Toronto waterfront activities.

Getting the Best Out of Toronto’s Famed Waterfront

If you casually went down to Toronto’s waterfront, you may be overwhelmed at the number of things to do. It’s arguably impossible to do everything in one day, so you’d wonder which places are a must-visit if you only had a short trip. We’ve done plenty here, and we’ve got some ideas on the best Toronto waterfront activities.

7 Toronto Waterfront Activities That Must Be Done

Without further ado, explore some of the Toronto waterfront activities you simply can’t leave the city without doing.

1. Marvel at the virtual reality experiences at Levelup Reality.

We’ll start off by saying that Levelup Reality isn’t on the waterfront, but it’s that good that it must be done – and it’s close enough, too! The location features a plethora of virtual reality experiences that transcend you into another world. Simply putting on a headset, and you’ll be able to explore other planets, fight invaders, or challenge friends to silly contests. It’s a heck of a lot of fun and definitely worth the visit in your Toronto waterfront activities.

2. Visit the Waterfront Artisan Market.

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This Toronto waterfront activity isn’t on all year round, but you must visit when it is. Between June and October, you’ll find some of the most exciting foods and crafts that the city offers. Better yet, there’s something different every weekend. 50 vendors will rotate to showcase more of the best culinary and creative minds in Toronto. The Waterfront Artisan Market is a world market that can compete with the rest of them!

3. Relax at Sugar Beach.

Sugar Beach is more of a picturesque spot than an actual beach. Toronto isn’t exactly known as a prominent seaside location. Even though you may lack the warm weather and sun most of the year, the positive and relaxed vibes are still rife at Sugar Beach. It’s a beautiful spot to let your cares drift away and take in all the pleasant sights and sounds.

4. See Toronto from a distance by taking a boat cruise.

What’s a waterfront without the opportunity to take to the waters? Naturally, Toronto offers plenty of options to travel around the harbor and even Lake Ontario in its entirety. Whether it’s a short or longer tour, you’ll be able to see Toronto’s magnificent skyline from a distance. Honestly, it’s pretty awe-inspiring and one of the essential Toronto waterfront activities.

5. Channel your inner culture vulture at the Harbourfront Centre.

If you enjoy theater, galleries, or even some physical activities – the Harbourfront Centre is your one-stop-shop. The location features revered cultural venues such as the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and the Enwave Theater. You’ll never fall short of Toronto waterfront activities here, with over 4’000 events hosted a year!

6. Get the taste of Canada at BeaverTails.

If you’re looking for the tastes of Canada, you need to look no further than BeaverTails. No, you won’t be eating the animal. The location is a Canadian chain restaurant that features the iconic BeaverTail pastry. The item features a wealth of delicious toppings to choose from and is a proud component of Canadian cuisine. It’s a hotspot for the locals, and visitors will definitely enjoy it too!

7. Have a stroll or a ride along the boardwalk.

Sometimes we all need to go at our own pace when we visit the Toronto waterfront. There’s no better way to absorb the vibrant activities. Not to mention, capture the hustle and bustle of the city than a casual stroll or bike ride down the waterfront. Bikes are available to hire if you feel like speeding up or walking is always an excellent option to really soak in the scenery.

Create Great Memories of Toronto’s Waterfront With These Activities

There’s a reason why all visitors to Toronto visit the waterfront. It’s loaded with exciting activities that tap into all interests, and there’s always something unique and entertaining to do. If you’re looking to forge some special memories with a trip down to the harbor, try our list of essential Toronto waterfront activities. We know you’ll go away with an experience of a lifetime!