The Best Arcades in Toronto: Fun & Affordable Places to Visit

What Are The Best Arcades in Toronto?

Best Arcades in Toronto

Do you remember the days when we had to go to arcades for multiplayer gaming? Arcades we’re considered the place to be in your youth – the number one hang-out spot! You may be surprised to know that not a whole lot has changed today.

Arcades are still rife in Toronto, hosting new generations of gamers and developing new-age experiences to share among friends and family.

Are You Looking for that Gaming Thrill in Toronto?

We’d argue that nothing excites the senses and stirs the soul more than a profound gaming experience. If you are old enough to experience the golden age of arcades, those venues are a blast from the past. You’ll remember the thrills you got from engaging yourself in those highly stimulating games.

The legions of gamers grow ever strong, though. With it comes the demand for venues to share those magnificent experiences. Arcades are on the rise again to facilitate that yearning and let the fun times keep on rolling.

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Arcades Are Still One of Toronto’s Most Beloved Activities

Toronto is one of Canada’s most lucrative cities for entertainment. It’s grown as one of the top international destinations given the endless number of shows, bars, restaurants, venues, and activities. They attract persons from all demographics. However, it’s intriguing how many of them seem to share one thing in common – a love of video games.

Young or old, the shared enthusiasm for gaming is what makes Toronto’s arcades incredibly fascinating places to visit. Today, there are plenty that can be explored – many with their own unique themes and offerings. From classic to contemporary gaming, some of these arcade venues are a must-visit to see the best of Toronto people and places.

These Are 5 of the Best Arcades in Toronto

Toronto enjoys arcades enough that there are quite a few of them operating. However, some of them give guests that little extra kick of excitement. We’ve toured the masses and noted the venues that we consider the best arcades in Toronto. Discover our 5 favorites below.

1. Levelup Reality

We’ll cut to the chase and say that Levelup Reality is our favorite arcade. We’ve listed it as number one of the best arcades in Toronto, considering it’s one of the most immersive gaming experiences in the city. Put on that virtual reality headset, and you’ll warp into one of their 80+ exciting games. It’s like being sucked into a Saturday morning cartoon – and that feels awesome!

2. Tilt Arcade Bar

Are you a pinball wizard or classic console gamer? Tilt Arcade Bar has built a mecca for nostalgic gaming. The best part? Entry is only $5 for unlimited access to everything they offer. Enjoy a couple drinks while showcasing your age-old skills in the classic arcade arena. Tilt is a brilliant night of fun for you and your buddies – it’s even welcoming to families!

3. Vava

Do you remember the days where winning claw machines were your priority in life? Vava will certainly revive some old memories! It’s an arcade dedicated to the claw machine with multiple types and varieties of prizes to be won. You can’t help but get stuck into the challenge of using your cognitive skills to reap all the rewards. Vava is definitely one of its kind in Toronto!

4. Zed 80

Zed 80 is another must-visit barcade in Toronto. The chilled-out environment provides a great venue to enjoy some snacks, drinks, and classic gaming. Apart from the pinball and car racing machines, you’ll find NES consoles and more. You’ll be able to test your abilities as to whether you can still finish those combos in Street Fighter or beat your high score in Tetris.

5. Power UP

For those modern gamers – the Power UP bar is a fantastic place to get your groove on the latest consoles. Playstations, Xboxs, Nintendo Switches, and others are rife with a well-stocked library of games to enjoy. The cyber-era feel of this place definitely curates the digital vibe. Gamers can certainly feel at home in Power UP and worth a visit to get immersed in some of the latest and greatest games.

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Rekindle That Nostalgia and Get Your Game On With The Best Arcades in Toronto!

Trust us when we say arcades are some of the most vibrant, enticing, and wholesome activities throughout Toronto. Whether you’re tapping into the pool of nostalgia or showcasing your skills as the best gamer in town – you won’t find much more fans than at some of the best arcades in Toronto. Game on!

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