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A List Of The Best Italian Restaurants In Toronto

10 of the Best Italian Restaurants in Toronto

Best Italian Restaurants Toronto

We take pride in the culinary diversity of Toronto, but no type of food is more widespread than Italian! It leaves us a little overwhelmed with choosing a place to eat, considering the wealth of options available. We, as Italian food lovers, have eaten a lot. We’ve got a few thoughts on the best Italian restaurants in Toronto.

The 10 Best Italian Restaurants Toronto That Will Make You Shout “Mamma Mia!”

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Not all Italian food is the same, and Italian restaurant owners will certainly highlight that fact. There’s pride in how the food of the homeland is crafted – especially in Toronto. We’ve been to plenty of Italian restaurants, and there are definitely some that stand out from the bunch. Explore our list of the 10 best Italian restaurants in Toronto.

1. Stelvio

We’ll start to be highlight what is simply one of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto. Their fantastic Northern Italian menu features pasta and pizzas that will have you kissing the edge of your fingertips. The dishes look as beautiful as they taste, and there’s a really charming atmosphere to the place. Highly recommended if you’re looking for Italian culinary transcendence!

2. Ardo

And on the polar opposite of the Italian culinary spectrum comes Ardo, specializing in dishes from the sun-kissed South of the country. Here you can enjoy some Sicilian specialties, including all the gorgeous cheeses and spices the region is known for. The sausages, pizzas, and gnocchi are to die for and have the welcoming hospitality we’d like from a southern Italian restaurant.

3. Pizzeria Libretto 

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Sounds liberating, does it not? Pizzeria Libretto turns its focus on doing one thing very well – and that, you guessed it, is pizza. These Neapolitan wonders feature perfect blends of ingredients to enlighten the senses – mozzarella, San Marzano tomato, and fresh Parmigiano, all-dancing on your tongue. It’s a pizza worth traveling for in Toronto.

4. Bar Vendetta

Bar Vendetta might be a little fussier, but the food is worth the effort. You’ll find a feeling of Mediterreanean nostalgia spread around the atmosphere and has a homey feeling incorporated in the decor. The cuisine is Roman with some beautiful homemade pasta and antipasti. And with a name like Bar Vendetta – it just feels Italian all over!

5. Carisma

There’s a reason why Carisma has such a loyal clientele. This family-owned restaurant is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto and has such an embracing atmosphere. There’s no better feeling than being loved when enjoying some tasty plates of classic Italy. We’d say this location is a must for any Italian food lovers who tend to be a bit more critical of authenticity.

6. Buca

Buca isn’t just your average Italian restaurant. It’s more like a culinary journey through the country. The menu varies according to which ingredients can be freshly sourced, but leave it to the chefs to transcend your tastebuds. The wine list offers supplementary reds and whites that enhance the pizzas and pasta that pass your lips.

7. Trattoria Taverniti

Right at the heart of Toronto’s very own Little Italy comes Trattoria Taverniti, another lovely homemade Italian joint that will blow you away. What makes this restaurant stand out above the rest? Each dish feels like it’s got a lot of love and care behind it. The house specialties are absolutely to die for, including the gnocchi, lasagna, and Calabrese pizza.

8. Camp0

Keeping things traditional is of utmost importance at Campo. And that’s what makes it a must-visit location. Pairing any old meats and sauces simply won’t do. Trust that your beef and pork will be slow-roasted for 48-hours to match the exquisite flavors of the tomato sauced and handmade pasta. It’s a restaurant that defines how Toronto is spoilt for Italian choice!

9. Toca

Toca has Italy plastered all over it. The menu was developed by an award-winning, Michelin-star chef from Rome, but it’s not the only reason you’ll want to visit. The ambiance in the place is excellent, with great service, food, and decor. If you’re looking to take anybody out for an enjoyable dinner, Toca hits the sweet spot in Toronto.

10. Enoteca Sociale

This cozy Italian joint is one of Toronto’s best people-watching places, given its prime location. However, the food and wine don’t fall short of expectations. In fact, far from it. All the ingredients are sourced fresh within Ontario, making every dish distinguishable with its own seasonal flair. The cultivated Italian atmosphere puts the ‘social’ in Enoteca Sociale!

Pizza, Pasta, or Meatball – the Best Italian Restaurants in Toronto Have It All!

Let’s face it – there’s probably at least once a week where we’re dying for some pizza or pasta. We’re lucky that Toronto has so many Italian restaurants – it would probably take an eternity to visit them all. Next time you have a craving, though, try some on our list. We guarantee these are some of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto.