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14 Fun Activities In Toronto For An Awesome Day Out

Sometimes asking what’s fun to do in Toronto is like throwing a piece of paper to the wind, only to have a whole magazine fly back at you. Toronto is named Canada’s cultural and activity hub for a reason; this metro area of over 6 million provides some profound and holistic experiences.

Finding the best attractions for the most fun can be a monumental task, even if you’re a local. That’s why we could bring a little help to the table in creating a palatable list of the most fun activities in Toronto for a great day out.


Now there’s the million-dollar question. Toronto is one of North America’s largest cities and arguably the cultural hub of Canada. Through its nearly 300 years of existence, the waves of immigration, the idyllic location, and the crossroads of trade, Toronto has developed uniquely.

That extraordinary story has forged a unique culture and aesthetic for the city, ranging from old 18th-century architecture to near-future technologies showcased throughout the city. And, of course, that brings an unprecedented number of incredible activities to Toronto.

You’ll be able to experience something new, taste something incredible, make new friends, enjoy old acquaintances, and much more. The possibilities for activities in Toronto are limitless. Still, some things are more worth experiencing than others, especially if your time in the city is limited!

So how do we define what makes a great Toronto activity? How do we create an actionable list of all the most fun things in the city?

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Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through the city, Toronto is full of fantastic things to do, from the relaxed to the more adrenaline-filled. The sheer number of activities means many people will often find themselves overwhelmed by choice, not knowing how to best fill the day in free time.

You’re not alone in endlessly weighing up activities. We, too, are consistently trying to find ways to best enjoy the city! So we decided to make a platform on how to define the best things to do in Toronto and narrow down choices that will bring the most rewarding experiences.

We’ve asked locals and visitors about what they thought made a significant, Toronto-defining activity. Almost everyone repeated the five core factors listed below in what they expected from the best things to do in the city.


Toronto is the largest city in Canada and arguably the most significant cultural hub of the country. Visitors to the town would seek something that can be defined as a uniquely Canadian experience. In contrast, locals want to do something that makes them proud of their home.


Toronto has consistently ranked on the quality of life index as one of the world’s most liveable cities. It is frequently regarded as a North American hub of culture. Extraordinary experiences in Toronto come with inspired activities, leaving fond memories.


If you’re considering a day or night out on the town in Toronto, you’ll likely have some friends or family with you. Whether it’s only you and your partner, or a large party, you’ll want to find activities that adjust to everyone’s taste and interest.


Getting out and doing activities means you’re out to give your sight, smell, touch and taste something different. The best activities in Toronto perk up your senses and deliver an experience out of the norm.


All the best things that offer you something were “been there, done that” isn’t enough. An outstanding Toronto activity has repetitive value, catering to those who call the city home and those looking to create an epic adventure.


So we’ve used all these factors to define the best experiences in Toronto. However, there are a few other considerations that also supplement the most worthy activities in the city. Those include the below:

  • The average star rating across leading trust platforms
  • The number of reviews provided on Google against the rating
  • Weighing up both negative and positive feedback
  • The leading pros and cons of the activity
  • How much does the activity cost, and whether it’s good value
  • Quality of customer service
  • Are there refreshments available?
  • The overall atmosphere of the location

All considered, let’s dive into the creme of the crop in Toronto activities!

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What are the Best Activities in Toronto?

Yes, we know there are a million things to do in Toronto. Trust us when we’re on a constant mission to discover them all. However, we’ve done a hard yard in finding activities that tick all the boxes regarding fun and entertainment.

Yes, we know there are a million things to do in Toronto. Trust us when we’re on a constant mission to discover them all. However, we’ve done a hard yard in finding activities that tick all the boxes regarding fun and entertainment.

Below you’ll find a list of all the activities we find strikes a chord with residents and visitors in the city.


level up reality

Listing a virtual reality arcade as the number one spot in a definitive list of Toronto activities is a little out of the norm. However, Levelup Reality ticked all our boxes of fun-filled activities in the city in the most extraordinary fashion.

Levelup Reality is the city’s premium VR arcade, offering over 80 games and experiences as immersive as they are entertaining. Enter this downtown location, and you’ll transcend to another universe, defending your castle from oncoming enemies or piloting spacecraft with your friends.

The world is your oyster as soon as you put on that headset, making it fun. Levelup Reality is a fantastic place to bring friends, family, and any large group, supported by outstanding customer service, memorable experiences, and, most importantly, something a little different!


  • One of Toronto’s more unique activities
  • 80+ games and experiences to enjoy
  • An excellent activity for groups with lots of laughs involved


  • The location can get busy, and booking is strongly recommended
  • Hour slots sometimes feel too short
  • Not the most Canadian experience on the list

You can’t argue with the feedback of Levelup Reality being one of the most intriguing activities in Toronto. The location consistently ranks in the top 3 on TripAdvisor’s most fun things to do in Toronto, with Google showcasing an average 4.8 rating over 655 reviews.

Pricing for an hour is $34.99 for a one-hour slot (10 mins training, 50 mins gameplay) during the week, being $39.99 on weekends. If you have a large group, there are discounted rates available.

You can book easily by visiting the Levelup Reality website.


ripleys aquarium bestoftoronto 2013 022

There’s so much about the ocean that we don’t know, which makes Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada one of the most exciting activities in Toronto. You can see some of the most magnificent creatures navigate the deep blue while you stand in awe at the colorful, vibrant sea life.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is located on the Harbourfront, right near downtown Toronto. It’s an idyllic location for those who want to pack the best of the city into a smaller walkable area. However, the fascinating ocean life is the real winner, dropping jaws with the aquarium’s immersive design.

Families and couples can walk under the sea, discovering over 450 species of fish and Canadian wildlife. Nothing so tranquil and calm in the heart of Toronto is a must-see activity for any visit.

The highlights of this Toronto activity are:


  • One of the world’s most incredible aquariums will drop jaws
  • Learn about a significant part of Canada’s wildlife
  • An excellent activity for kids and adults alike


  • Prices for entry can be high for families
  • Those with mobility issues might struggle with this activity
  • It’s a popular attraction, and wait times could be hours

Such an ideal location and incredible wildlife displays would naturally lead to a good review base. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada has garnered a 4.6-star average over nearly 50,000 reviews, so if that doesn’t say fun Toronto activity, we’re still determining what does!

It’s a Toronto-worthy experience, but it does come at a price. Adults can expect to pay $44.00 each for a 60-minute slot, with youths tickets $29.00.

Why not escape the urban jungle and slip under the sea?

Hockey Hall of Fame


What is the most quintessentially Canadian thing? Ask anybody, and they’d probably say hockey. That’s why visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame is a must in any Toronto trip, almost like paying homage to Canadian culture.

Of course, an establishment showcasing the wonders of the national sport would be conveniently located in the city’s heart. A trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame isn’t just for hockey fanatics. Still, learning about the sport’s incredible athletes, achievements, and heritage is a great activity.

You’ll find the world’s most extensive collection of hockey artifacts and memorabilia, with interactive exhibits that even the most apathetic sportspeople could enjoy. A trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame isn’t an option in Toronto. It’s essential to say that you are part of this city!


  • One of the premier cultural institutions in Canada
  • It’s the holy ground for hockey fanatics
  • Affordable entry means good value for money


  • Not everybody may be interested in sports exhibits
  • Patrons regularly complain about customer service
  • Not an activity for groups with more than a few people

So how does one of Toronto’s must-see attractions rank on trust platforms? Most pin the Hockey Hall of Fame as essential, with residents and visitors heralding the experience as fantastic. The location sees a 4.6-star average across 4,412 reviews, underlining its city prominence.

There’s plenty to see and do in the Hockey Hall of Fame, making its $25.00 entry fee feel like good value. Youth (ages 4-13) tickets are $15.00, whereas concessions for seniors (65+) are $20.00.

Ontario Science Centre


Are you looking for a more interactive activity? Do you want to do something that satisfies inquisitive minds? The Ontario Science Centre is a top-notch attraction in downtown Toronto, showcasing the world’s wonders through its fascinating exhibits.

Ontario Science Centre has the appeal of being an activity that ticks all the right boxes for young families. Kids and adults can enjoy high degrees of interactivity, educational value, and sensory experiences from start to finish.

Families can easily make a day trip out of a visit to the museum, discovering displays of how things work in humans, to the incredible showcases of why things happen on Earth. There’s even an IMAX theater to immerse young and older minds into the mysteries of the universe.


  • Can make a whole day of a visit to the Ontario Science Centre.
  • A fantastic variation of exhibits
  • An excellent attraction for families


  • Many visitors highlight the inconvenience and expense of getting to the center.
  • The museum is tricky to navigate
  • Not every display is functioning year-round

Ontario Science Centre is a staple of Toronto’s downtown attractions, making it a location with plenty of footfall throughout the year. That means they’ve had plenty of feedback, scoring a 4.4-star average across over 12,000 reviews.

Most of the positive feedback highlights the versatility and family-friendliness of the museum but also notes that parking is expensive and getting into the center could be more convenient. However, the pricing structure remains excellent value, with admission for adults at $22, youths (13-17) at $16, and kids (3-12) at $13. You can pair an IMAX ticket with the admission cost for a discount or purchase it separately for around $12.

Ontario Science Center is a premier choice for activity if you need something to do with a young family!

Eaton Centre


It’s understandable if you get overwhelmed when choosing activities in Toronto. After all, there’s so much to do and see; where do you even begin? How do you please everyone in your group? What activity caters to everyone’s idea of a good time?

Eaton Centre is the first place that comes to mind if there’s any brain conflict about what to do with yourself or your group for a fun activity in Toronto. The location is an architectural marvel and the epitome of urban cultural experiences, featuring first-rate eateries, premium retail, and a buzzing social vibe.

The mall has something for everyone to immerse themselves in, from the latest and greatest in fashion to the divine flavors of every cuisine. Eaton Centre hosts the best of Toronto life in one location, making it a fun activity if you want to go and people-watch.


  • Hundreds of shops, restaurants, and displays catering to all tastes
  • A great activity to showcase urban Toronto in all its glory
  • A simple solution for when you’re not sure what to do


  • The hustle and bustle isn’t an attractive option for everybody
  • Hard to make a budget for a visit to the location
  • Not ideal for families with younger children

Eaton Centre is undoubtedly one of Toronto’s most popular locations for visitors and locals. The mall has accumulated over 46,000 reviews, scoring a 4.4-star average on Google, with most visitors enjoying the shopping experience, with others mentioning that some areas are not well-kempt.

One standout feature of a visit to the Eaton Center is that there’s no admission, meaning your day could be entirely free. However, with all the available cafes, stores, and other outlets, you’ll probably spend on something.

Kensington Market

kensington market

On the subject of Toronto culture, a visit to Kensington Market is an absolute must if you’re in the city to soak in all the most dynamic aspects of the town. This neighborhood features everything that makes this grand town great, hosting a flurry of entertainment, eateries, retail, and fascinating people in one vibrant district.

Kensington Market is next to Downtown Toronto, making it an accessible area should you plan your day around activities condensed to the city. The neighborhood is a visual enthusiast’s dream, with storefronts and bohemian setups making fantastic photo opportunities and showcasing the more artistic side of Toronto.

You’ll never be short of things to do at Kensington Market, with art galleries, vintage clothing stores, globe-spanning cuisine, and much more. It’s a sensory feast with something intriguing happening on every corner, and it’s easy to make an entire day out an adventure to this neighborhood.


  • Plenty of activities are located in a single, vibrant district
  • One of the best places in Toronto for photo opportunities
  • You don’t need to spend anything if you don’t want to!


  • The neighborhood isn’t as clean as other city locations
  • Not ideal for young children
  • Some of the locals could be more welcoming to visitors.

It’s hard to gauge opinions for the area as a whole, given Kensington Market’s diversity. Many of the shops, eateries, and outlets have a range of ratings varying from poor to excellent. However, visitors on TripAdvisor have rated their experiences in the area, providing a 4-star average across nearly 3,000 reviews.

But Kensington Market is an excellent activity if you’re on a budget, with absolutely no obligation to spend anything while you’re there. Try one of the unique food dishes available, or purchase a piece of vintage fashion that catches your eye if you’d like. Again, you don’t need to spend a penny to get a fantastic cultural experience.

Royal Ontario Museum


The Royal Ontario Museum combines fine arts, cultural marvels, and natural wonders into one accessible, fascinating location. The venue features a diverse palette of things to see and learn, curated beautifully and arguably with repeat visit potential.

A museum of this caliber wouldn’t appeal to those seeking a more exciting activity in Toronto. However, the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibit diversity brings more than meets the eye, featuring displays of everything from ancient Egyptian artifacts to dinosaurs. How many people can boast they’ve seen millenniums of history in one day?

What would seem more of an activity for cultured adults is a surprisingly immersive experience for all, even children. The museum is well-designed, telling an intriguing story with every exhibit, and bringing a level of interactivity that fascinates even those most skeptical.

The Royal Ontario Museum’s reputation as a must-do fun activity doesn’t go unfounded!


  • Caters to all people, individuals, couples, and families
  • An extensive array of exhibits cover culture, art, and natural history
  • You may find you want to visit more than once


  • Checking bags and coats are more pricey than one would expect
  • Visitors have been discontented with some of the customer services
  • Food is not highly rated

The rating and number of reviews highlight why the Royal Ontario Museum is a gem of Toronto’s activities. The location has seen an average 4.7-star rating across nearly 30,000 reviews, making it one of the higher-ranked popular attractions in the city.

Visits to the Royal Ontario Museum are reasonably priced, meaning you can get good value for money if you make a day out of the activity. General admission for adults is $23, with youth and children at $18 and $14, respectively.

The location is a perfect activity for the aspiring culture vulture, but it’s a place that caters to every personality.

Distillery District


The Distillery District would sound like a location that only showcased a series of whiskey factories. While that may have been true a hundred years ago, today, it’s one of Toronto’s most fascinating neighborhoods.

Located in Old Toronto, the Distillery District whisks visitors back into the 19th century with its cobblestone paths and distinct red-brick buildings. However, the interiors include some of the city’s most lively bars and restaurants, spirited galleries, and unique boutiques.

There’s always something happening in the Distillery District, from music and dance to stage performances. It’s another cultural location that can dazzle its visitor every time they walk into the neighborhood.


  • A view of Old Toronto with modern, vibrant amenities
  • Conveniently located amongst other downtown activities
  • There’s always a fascinating event happening.


  • The neighborhood is more appealing to couples than groups.
  • Some mass events will charge for entry to the neighborhood
  • Not something children will enjoy

The Distillery District is a neighborhood with a collective of amenities, all featuring ratings that range from average to excellent. However, many visitors have taken TripAdvisor to rate the area, giving it a 4.5-star average with over 8,000 reviews.

Visiting the Distillery District usually wouldn’t cost anything, apart from any stores, bars, and restaurants you want to see. But occasionally, there will be an event in the neighborhood with an entry fee. So if you are keen to go, make sure you have a few bucks handy in case of an unforeseen event.

Lawrence Market

lawrence market

You may have heard about St. Lawrence Market on the tips of local tongues. But there’s an excellent reason for that; the marketplace is one of the highlights of Toronto’s shopping experiences. People don’t just visit to shop; they soak in the hustle and bustle of the city’s charming lifestyle.

St. Lawrence Market is found next to downtown Toronto, making it easily accessible for anybody wandering through the attraction-packed districts. The market features some of the most delectable meats and cheeses, where locals from all over the region pilgrimage to enjoy the divine flavors on offer.

Visitors seeking a Canadian culinary experience should take advantage of a visit to St. Lawrence Market. It features some of the city’s most heralded restaurants, endless arrays of homemade goods, and a picturesque layout that showcases the best of Toronto’s cuisine.


  • Those with an appetite will find no better activity
  • Plenty of food vendors and even places for cooking classes
  • The definitive Canadian culinary experience


  • It can get hectic at peak hours
  • Food can be expensive
  • Complaints of a few unfriendly vendors

Visitors to St. Lawrence Market are repeatedly in awe of the available cuisine and the quality of the products. It’s seen a 4.6-star average across 26,000 reviews, justifying the location as one of the pinnacles of Toronto’s food culture.

There’s no entry fee to St. Lawrence Market, of course. However, many visitors say eating at the location and purchasing goods can significantly dent your budget. But if you’re keen on getting the best of Toronto’s available cuisine, the visit could be priceless!

TIFF Bell Lightbox

tiff bell lightbox

Anybody even remotely interested in cinema will be thrilled with what’s on offer at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. The venue is right up there with some of the best movie theaters in the world, delivering more than just a plain film-going experience.

TIFF Bell Lightbox plays host to many prominent cinema events, including the globally-known Toronto International Film Festival. Visitors and locals make a trip to the theater to experience the magnificent state-of-the-art setup, regularly showing classic and new films to tickle every media lover’s fancy.

The venue isn’t just a cinema either. Visitors will find a restaurant, library, and event space that combine to make TIFF Bell Lightbox an ultimate destination for the arts. Even guests to the theater, such as Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, and Tom Cruise, say so!


  • One of the world’s most remarkable theater setups
  • A cultural hub featuring more than just cinema
  • There’s always a fascinating event going on


  • A few have complained about getting into the cinema
  • Visitors have mentioned having to buy memberships to watch films
  • Staff have made some experiences unpleasant

Gathering nearly 3,500 reviews, the TIFF Bell Lightbox gets a 4.6-star average, underlining its fantastic experiences. Some visitors weren’t too happy about the variable pricing for watching films and visiting the theatre. Still, most were undoubtedly impressed with the building’s aesthetic.

Patrons can expect to pay around $14 for a feature film or more if they wish to join for a year-round membership. As mentioned above, pricing can vary according to feature and event, so it’s best to advance plan your visit to know how much you’ll be paying.

Riverdale Farm

riverdale farm

Are you a city kid but love reconnecting with nature? Riverdale Farm might be the perfect activity for you! It’s a fully functional farm located right in the heart of Toronto. It is the crossroads between urban and country life.

If you’ve ever wondered what farm life is like or have the urge to see some animals, visiting Riverdale Farm would satisfy those curiosities. There’s plenty of green space to relax, a family-friendly environment, and lots of seasonal activities to keep things interesting.

Riverdale Farm is a quick retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto city life. It serves as an activity whenever you want to tone the intensity down. Remember the fresh produce to bring home, including eggs, cheese, and meat.


  • Great for family visits
  • A rural retreat in the heart of Toronto
  • See what Ontario farm life is like without leaving the city


  • Adults will see everything there is to see quickly
  • Not as many animals as expected
  • Seasonal attractions have been noted as uninteresting.

Despite some of the limitations of Riverdale Farm, locals and visitors are pleased that such a natural escape is so accessible to them. The farm has a 4.6-star average against nearly 5,000 reviews, with most praising that it’s a scenic place to visit in winter and summer.

Visitors also enjoy that Riverdale Farm has no admission fee. There are donation boxes around the location and shops featuring all the farm’s produce. But if you don’t want to spend anything, there’s no obligation.

CN Tower

pexels james wheeler 1519088

Now we reach what is arguably Toronto’s most famous landmark, the CN Tower. This giant space needle is known worldwide as the city’s symbol, but its fame makes it no less worth the visit.

It has that cliche of being touristy, but there’s a reason why it makes our list of fun activities in Toronto. Taking a trip to this landmark and going up to the top means getting some of the city’s best views (if not THE best). The 360 windows offer a complete landscape of the region, from the urban canopy to the tremendous scenic lakes, with glass-bottom floors that let you look at the city-dwellers below.

No matter how skeptical you are about the touristy stuff, the CN Tower is one of Toronto’s most jaw-dropping attractions. The breathtaking scenes and marvelous architecture can make it an ideal location for any occasion. You can even eat or drink up there in the revolving restaurant!


  • It’s Toronto’s iconic landmark
  • You won’t get any better views of the city than here
  • A visit to the revolving restaurant makes a great date night.


  • Expensive admission
  • A popular attraction that could result in long waits
  • The restaurant is costly and closes relatively early

The CN Tower has a whopping 55,000 reviews on Google, making its 4.6-star rating quite impressive. Most feedback justifies the visit, saying it’s a Toronto must despite its stereotype as a tourist attraction, although the expense of many visits didn’t impress too many.

Visitors will find that there are varied tiers of packages that include different CN Tower activities, including the SkyPod and SkyWalk. However, if you’re only looking to climb the tower, entry will cost $43 for an adult and $30 for kids. If you’re planning on going to the restaurant, be prepared to pay a minimum of $75 per person.

Yes, the CN Tower is pricey, but worth the trip if you’re an out-of-town visitor.

High Park

high park

Visiting downtown Toronto may make you think Canada’s largest city is just an urban sprawl. However, there are many more green spaces than meets the eye, the best of which is argued to be High Park.

This expansive park is located west of the downtown area, accommodating many attractions. Visitors will be spoilt for choice in this scenic green space, with a zoo, hiking trails, and sports fields within touching distance.

High Park serves as another Toronto activity where you’re unsure what to do but want to experience the great outdoors. After all, wildlife and nature are so synonymous with Canadian culture that it’s almost a given that urban parks would be outstanding.


  • A vast green space with plenty of activities
  • Accessible from downtown Toronto
  • A perfect activity for all seasons


  • The park can get busy at weekends
  • Visitors have complained about difficult parking
  • Not accessible for those with mobility issues

There’s no mistaking that High Park is a well-loved attraction for locals, making it all the more enticing for visitors. In the nearly 22,700 reviews from Google, the park has a 4.7-star average rating, one of the city’s highest. But who doesn’t love a natural space with a nearly endless amount of activities?

There is no entry fee to visit the park; it is open year-round for visitors to enjoy. However, if you wish to partake in additional attractions, there may be an admission fee. The zoo, for example, is free, but one of the sporting clubs may charge for using it.

Casa Loma

casa loma

Finally, we reach the end of our fun activities in Toronto list with a location that makes you feel you’re in a fairytale. Casa Loma is a grand 18th-century castle offering some of the most magnificent gothic architecture surrounded by acres of curated greenery.

Even though Casa Loma is a single building, the location’s popularity has seen it sprawl into its region, full of attractions. Visitors can make a whole day out of the occasion, enjoying the picturesque gardens, viewing animals at the zoo, going on walks, or playing sports.

The mansion also hosts many events, including symphonies, outdoor lighting displays, and wine festivals. It’s yet another diverse part of the Toronto experience, packing an incredible amount of culture into an easily accessible location.


  • A gothic architectural wonder near downtown Toronto
  • The space features multiple attractions ranging from relaxing to action-packed
  • There are always reputable cultural events happening.


  • Visitors have complained the symphonies are unorderly
  • More expensive than other attractions
  • Not much to see inside the mansion

Casa Loma remains one of Toronto’s well-loved attractions, with positive feedback amounting to a 4.5-star average across 23,253 reviews. Despite complaints of expense and disorganization, most visitors enjoy the pleasant scenery as a retreat from the city’s intensity.

As mentioned above, Casa Loma visits can be pricey. Entry to the mansion alone will cost an adult $40, not including tickets to special events. Youths and children will have their tickets priced at $35 and $25, respectively.

But all-in-all, Casa Loma is a great day trip given the versatility of things to do at the location.

Other Honorable Mentions of Fun Activities in Toronto

We’ll acknowledge that some residents and visitors may have done some of the things on this list and may seek something else. We’ll list some of the honorable mentions locals have repeated as trying when you’ve completed our comprehensive activity list.

The additional fun activities in Toronto include:

  • Take a ferry to Toronto Island Park
  • Hop on a dinner cruise from the Harbourfront and watch the sunset
  • Take a visit to one of the world’s most dynamic Chinatowns
  • Go on a guided bike tour for a new way to see Toronto
  • Taste some of Ontario’s finest beers at the Steam Whistle Brewery
  • View incredible street art in Graffiti Alley
  • Watch the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre
  • Get immersed in an action-packed hockey game at the Scotiabank Arena
  • Catch some rays relaxing on Sugar Beach
  • Explore the Museum of Illusions

And, of course, the list could go on forever, but we thought these things were worth adding, given their rising prominence in Toronto. We’ll keep searching, reviewing, and updating our findings as time goes on.

So there we have it – our exhaustive list of fun things to do in Toronto! Have you got ideas of what your next visit will feature? Got a picture of things to do for the day? It’s time to hit the ground running!

Hit Toronto Firing on All Cylinders

We created this list to help residents and visitors feel confident when choosing activities for their Toronto days and nights. All the places are proven entertaining, fun, affordable, and accessible; you can have no sweat diving right into them.

Completing the list and we’ll argue that you’ve had the whole Toronto experience. You’ll see the most memorable sites, get the city’s vibrant sights and sounds, eat delectable dishes, and experience a culture like no other.

So pour some fuel into your Toronto engine and hit the ground running!

pexels scott webb 137584

Get the Best Toronto Experience with These Fun-Filled Activities

We created this list to help residents and visitors feel confident when choosing activities for their Toronto days and nights. All the places are proven entertaining, fun, affordable, and accessible; you can have no sweat diving right into them.

Completing the list and we’ll argue that you’ve had the whole Toronto experience. You’ll see the most memorable sites, get the city’s vibrant sights and sounds, eat delectable dishes, and experience a culture like no other.

So pour some fuel into your Toronto engine and hit the ground running!

So what are your plans? Have you plotted your adventure path through one of North America’s greatest cities? This extensive guide has provided a comprehensive idea of how to visit the most fun activities in Toronto.

Of course, if you have any suggestions or feedback, or discovered the next best thing in the city, get in touch with us! We love to hear from locals and visitors who have experienced our lists.

But most importantly, we hope you enjoy what we believe to be a gem in North America’s crown; the great city of Toronto!