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March Break Activities in Toronto for Everyone to Try

5 Ideas for March Break Activities in Toronto

Before you know it – March Break is here in Toronto! If you’re looking at this page, the kids are likely off of school. You need some ideas on what to do as a group. You’re probably also thinking about whether these activities will reward your children and keep their brains active. It’s surprising how much there is to think about when planning March Break activities in Toronto!

We understand the dilemma, and we’re here to help alleviate the stress of finding things to do. We’ve got you covered in finding the ideal March Break activities in Toronto.

What Are Ideal Activities During March Break?

March Break is usually associated with the kids being off from school and colleges offering some informal time off. Finding activities during this period involves exploring things that the kids will enjoy. Let’s not forget that we prefer ultimately enhancing experiences. Ideal March break activities in Toronto are something that parents and guardians can entertain themselves with too!

The ideal March Break activities in Toronto feature things that engage the senses. Not to mention, create strong bonding between a group. Playing games together as a group, going on outdoor adventures, learning something new – those are excellent ideas for March Break activities. But while there is plenty on offer, you may not be sure where to look to find the most beneficial things to do.

March Break Activities in Toronto That Everyone Will Enjoy

So, where do you start planning your March Break activities in Toronto? There are so many things available to do that you may not have an idea where to begin. It’s a good problem to have, but at the same time, finding things to do that everyone will enjoy may be a challenge. Let us help with that! Here are a few tried and tested March Break activities tailored to all ages and personalities.

1. Explore New Worlds: Levelup Reality

Do you or your group enjoy gaming during March Break? Why not take your activities to one of the most exciting virtual reality venues around? Levelup Reality offers over 80 games and experiences that entertain, thrill, and excite. A trip to one location, and you’ll be able to explore new worlds and create some magnificent stories.

2. Go on an Outdoor Adventure: Treetop Trekking

Ontario Science Center never falls short of expectations. That’s why it’s one of the most ideal activities during March Break – there’s always something that will impress you! This activity is excellent for a group outing, where young minds and hands can interact with the science behind how things work. There’s also an IMAX theater to immerse yourself in a fascinating and educating film.

4. Get in Touch with Nature: Toronto Parks and Gardens

March Break marks the beginning of spring in Toronto. It’s that time of year where all the wildlife starts to murmur, and a city comes into bloom. Visiting parks like Tommy Thomson or East Point can excite the senses, where you’ll see birds, animals, and nature come to fruition in the unique Canadian spring. There’s lots of room for creative activities and a decent way to spend the day during March Break.

5. Transcend Time: Black Creek Pioneer Village

Black Creek Pioneer Village is an intriguing place to explore what life was like in the 19th-century. Many seasonal activities occur at the location, including a previous ‘detective’ based event with groups solving mysteries within the village grounds. Black Creek is a fantastic opportunity to do something different for your March Break and guaranteed to impress on either the guided or self-guided tours.

Fill Your March Break with Toronto’s Most Exciting Activities

You’ll never be short of March Break activities in Toronto. The city is almost designed to entertain year-round. However, we believe the list above is some of the best ways to enjoy your seasonal time-off. They feature activities for all ages and are guaranteed great experiences – maximizing the fun factor and creating brilliant March Break memories.