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The Best Video Game Bars in Toronto: Where To Play Today

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Image Source: Pexel

Sometimes we just sit around twiddling our thumbs, thinking about what to do for an evening. We could stay at home and immerse ourselves in our favorite video games. Or maybe, we could head down to the bar and enjoy a couple of drinks with our friends. As the famous saying goes, why not both?

Arcade bars in Toronto are something different to do, and they’re bringing the best of the two worlds together.

What is an Arcade Bar?

An arcade bar is what it sounds like – it’s a bar with arcade games. However, not all are the same! Some offer classic arcade machines and retro gaming, and others modern console experiences. They are showcased in a venue where patrons can enjoy gaming experiences paired with refreshing beverages and delicious food

For a video game enthusiast, it’s a match made in heaven. Putting our hobbies in a social setting within an exciting venue. Various themes, offerings, and unique refreshments are being adopted throughout Toronto to give their ‘barcade’ their own fair – much to the delight of locals and visitors.

‘Barcades’ are becoming all the Rage in Toronto

Arcade bars in Toronto are springing up left, right and center. The concept creates almost the perfect environment to socialize, entertain, and enjoy yourself. The thrill of gaming paired with the shared social experiences are creating a buzz through the city, and more and more people are taking notice. We’d argue these venues are becoming all the rage in Toronto!

Discover 5 of The Best Toronto Arcade Bars

1. Levelup Reality