The Best Winter Activities in Toronto

Toronto Winter Activities

Toronto is home to both winter activities and activities that can be enjoyed during the summer. The Toronto winter activities are plentiful and take advantage of the snow that falls in Canada. The lakes in Toronto are frozen, making them excellent for ice skating. The city also has outdoor rinks that are open throughout the winter months. Ice hockey is also very popular during winter months in Toronto. For the best deal, the hockey rink at Union Station has a DJ outside of the rink! It makes it a perfect place for kids to skate after school! The snow also allows for snowshoeing in Toronto, Ontario. The city also has tobogganing hills to explore, which are free to the public. Some other activities are as under:

Ontario Place

If you’re looking for some Toronto winter activities, then Ontario Place is your ticket! Several of the activities at Ontario Place will provide you with a break from the cold. One such activity is “Winter Wonderland,” a frosty maze made of painted trees and artificial snow. Explore this winter wonderland and find your way out of the maze!

Visiting Festivals

Toronto offering a variety of activities so there’s something for everyone this winter! In Toronto, Ontario, there are plenty of things to do this winter. Whether you’re looking for a cultural day out, a getaway from the city, or an outdoor adventure, Toronto has something for everyone.

Plan a cultural day out

One way to celebrate the best Toronto winter activities is to visit a festival. If an outdoor adventure is what you’re looking for then the winter festival at Centennial Park is a perfect destination. With ice skating and a number of events on the ice including a hockey tournament, a family fun day on the ice, and a pond hockey league this festival has something for everyone from the young to the old.

Toronto Winter Activities Outside of the City

Toronto is a beautiful place to visit this time of year, with the snow dusting the city and not a single leaf left on the ground. For visitors to Toronto, this time of year provides a new set of challenges and opportunities that are completely different from those in warmer months. In Toronto, there are numerous activities that people can partake in to explore the city. One of the best is winter walks. During a winter walk, one can explore all sorts of different paths and trails while feeling exhilarated by the cold. This is a great way to explore some of Toronto’s most scenic locations while staying active. Another one of the Toronto winter activities is going to a winter music festival.

Exploring the city

Toronto in winter is one of the best seasons in which you can explore the different areas of the city. The city freezes over and becomes a beautiful place to walk around in during this time. When it’s snowing, it’s like a magical scene. The buildings and the famous landmarks such as the CN Tower turn into something out of a fairy tale.

  1. Don’t be afraid to bundle up – The first thing that you need to do before you head out into the snow is to bundle up. This means that you should wear a hat, gloves and a scarf and keep your face covered with a scarf and put on a hat. If you’re going to head out cross country skiing – which is an awesome winter activity to do in Toronto – make sure to wear gloves and cover your face. There’s nothing worse than wanting to take a selfie in the winter and pulling your gloves off to take out your phone.
  2. Be careful on the frozen lakes – The thing that makes Toronto in winter so great is that the lakes become frozen over. This means that you can take a walk on the lake and enjoy the wintery scenery. However, you should still use caution when walking around the lake. The ice can crack or give way easily and you can end up falling into the freezing cold lake.
  3. Enjoy the amazing parks – Toronto’s parks become a more beautiful place in winter. With a layer of snow covering the trees and landscape, the parks look out of a fairy tale. Plus, you can have fun in the snow, building a snowman or going for a snowshoeing adventure. Be sure to admire the stunning views from the Scarborough Bluffs.
  4. Give yourself a challenge – Instead of going to the same forest trail that you always use to go snowshoeing in, go off trail and give yourself a challenge. You can have a friendly competition to walk a trail that’s a little difficult to walk. This way, you’re getting a great workout in a beautiful location.

Spending the Weekend at a Cabin/Yurt

For most people, the idea of spending the weekend at a cabin or yurt is very appealing, giving them the opportunity to be near the outdoors and unwind. It is very fitting for those with outdoor hobbies, like hunting or hiking, to enjoy this break away from the city. There are many different cabins and yurts that are available for rent, but what are the benefits or disadvantages to staying at one versus the other? Cabins are generally considered to be more spacious than yurts, which are more like traditional tents with the ability to stand up. For some, this is an advantage. For others, there is not enough space to move around or stretch. If someone is renting one for more than just themselves, this is an important factor to consider. Prices will also vary. Both cabins and yurts are out in the wilderness, so they are also more likely to be further away from the city. Yurts are often able to be rented for cheaper than cabins, making this option more attractive for budget minded people. When it comes time to return home, nothing beats the comfort of your own bed.

Visiting an Ice Lodge

While Toronto is no stranger to the cold, it’s becoming more common to see buildings with ice on their surface. One such building in Toronto is the Ice Lodge in the Distillery District. This year the Ice Lodge is the setting for an annual Christmas in July celebration, which is taking place in the evening when the sun is setting. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your Christmas in July celebration, then you should visit the Ice Lodge. It’s a beautiful setting to watch a winter show and take a guided tour of the ice sculptures. And don’t worry about the cold! Warm drinks and a fire await you inside.

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