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Top Things to Do in Toronto on Victoria Day


Victoria Day marks the beginning of the summer-long weekend in Canada, so if you are thinking of visiting Toronto this weekend, here are some of the top Victoria Day Activities Toronto. It can seem tough to know where to start when you are in Toronto for the first time, but if you are looking for some fun things to do in Toronto this weekend, you should start with the Harbourfront Centre.


Toronto, a city often referred to as a “city within a park” due to its natural surroundings, is an international magnet for tourists looking for a vibrant multicultural destination. Whether you want to experience Canadian theatre, hike the paths of the world’s largest urban wilderness, or take in panoramic views from the top of a tower, there is plenty to do.

Here are some of the best Victoria Day Activities Toronto:


There’s no better way to get an understanding of just how diverse and multicultural Toronto is than by visiting the Royal Ontario Museum, one of the most popular museums in Canada. The ROM offers visitors the chance to visit exhibits from different cultures in the world, including “a present-day Congo market, a 1930s Paris metro station, and a thundering African rain forest.” Here you’ll find the largest collection of Chinese artifacts in North America, the most exciting dinosaur displays, or you can take in refreshing cool air in the world’s largest indoor natural habitat.

2) Take in the views from the CN Tower

The CN Tower offers visitors to Toronto a chance to see the city in the most breathtaking way imaginable, with breathtaking views stretching out over the lakes, as far as Niagara Falls and as far as neighbouring city Montreal. Visitors can take the world’s fastest and highest glass-walled elevator ride to the  top of the tower, where they can go skiing in the winter, indulge in a cozy patio in the summer, or even host a corporate event.

3) Participate in the many markets happening all across the city

With streets closed off to traffic, Victoria Day in Toronto sees vibrant crowds of people visiting the many street markets happening all across the city. You can pick up handcrafted goods, farm fresh produce, or fresh seafood alongside hip clothing, tasty food, and high fashion. At Trinity Bellwoods Park, you can enjoy live music, while at the streets of Leslieville, you get an up-close view.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Toronto is one of Canada’s most densely populated cities, but it’s still a world-renowned hotspot for places to visit! From the Ripley Aquarium to the Royal Ontario Museum, there are tons of amazing things to do during this chilly month of May. Whether you’re looking for a place to escape on your day off, or you’re on vacation, you won’t want to miss these places! The Ripley Aquarium is home to some over 100,000 marine animals. Among these animals are 14 time Guinness World Records holder, the Whale Shark, and the Pink Fairy Armadillo. Hence, Visiting the Ripley’s Aquarium is another one of the best Victoria Day Activities Toronto has to offer.

Places to Eat

Here are our top three recommendations for places to eat on Victoria Day:

Hoof Café: Order some delicious professional coffee or tea at this cozy café, or if you need sustenance for your day of sightseeing, try the French toast with strawberry jam, made with brioche bread and served with bacon maple syrup.

Columbia Common: Enjoy some brunch at the Columbia Common where the eggs Benny are cooked to perfection with Canadian bacon, crispy hash browns, and lathered in fresh hollandaise sauce.

El Catrin Destileria: Your Victoria Day feast should include some Mexican pulled chicken tacos. All you have to do to get them is grab some corn tortillas, homemade cream sauce, avocados, shredded cabbage, lime wedges, and salsa.