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The Best Breakfast Places in Toronto!

The Best Breakfast Toronto: list of the top breakfast spots

Toronto is a huge city with many people, so it’s no surprise that there are many restaurants here. However, each of these restaurants is not the same. Some are made for some people but not for others – some are catered towards vegan, hipster, health-conscious people, whereas some are made for people who enjoy eating some really unhealthy food that is also not the cheapest. There are also breakfast food places that are made for people who are new to Toronto and want to try out some of the best breakfast Toronto has to offer.

Evviva Breakfast and Lunch

Toronto is the city of choice when it comes to foodies. There are so many delicious restaurants in Toronto that it can be hard to decide where to eat breakfast. The city is also home to many delicious cafes.

For those on the hunt for the best breakfast Toronto has to offer, Evviva is one of the best spots. This restaurant is located in the heart of the Annex. It is popular for their avocado toast and their pancakes. They also have delicious vegan options. This restaurant has many delicious breakfast items. They are also well known for their omelettes.

Sunny Morning Breakfast & Lunch

Toronto is filled with all sorts of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries! One thing people do not always think about when they are looking for a place to eat is breakfast! One of the best breakfast places in Toronto is Sunny Morning Breakfast & Lunch. They offer breakfast all day! Sunny Morning Breakfast & Lunch serves traditional breakfast dishes like, eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches. They also offer more of a lunch feel with items like quiche, chicken salad sandwiches, and more of your traditional lunch fare. Everything is made from scratch and they have a variety of breads. To top it all of, they have a delicious bakery section where you can grab some scones, muffins, and other bakery items.

Figs Breakfast Lunch

Toronto is a beautiful city with a lot of amazing food. From Little Italy’s mouthwatering pastries to the mouth-numbingly spicy Jamaican cuisine, to the mouth-watering poutine from French Canada, to the mouth-numbingly amazing charcoal grilled burgers from the west end, to the mouth-watering Italian food from College Street, there is no shortage of delicious food in Toronto.

One of the more sought after foodie destinations in Toronto is Figs Breakfast Lunch. Figs Breakfast Lunch is a cozy little restaurant that features a variety of foods from a variety of ethnicities. It is a small restaurant with a quaint atmosphere.


Eggspectation is a popular breakfast restaurant in the heart of Toronto. The restaurant offers a wide variety of breakfast and brunch dishes that will satisfy any foodie. For those with a sweet tooth, there are plenty of sweet and savoury deserts to choose from.

The egg and cheese sandwich is a great breakfast sandwich for those with a small appetite and those who like less sugar. The sandwich is served with a toasted artisan bun and offers soft-boiled egg, aged cheddar, and sea salt. The sandwich can be ordered as a single or as a double to share.

It’s on the more expensive side of breakfast restaurants, but the food is worth the price. They serve dishes like Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon, and Eggs Florentine. The restaurant is beautiful and has amazing service.

Siempre Breakfast & Lunch

Have you been hearing a lot about Siempre Breakfast & Lunch lately? If not, it is about time you found out about this scrumptious gluten-free breakfast and lunch restaurant! Siempre Breakfast & Lunch is a 100% gluten-free breakfast and lunch restaurant in Toronto.

The menu is as clean as their finger-wiping system. All of the gluten-free dishes are made from scratch. The menu consists of items like their vegan breakfast poutine, curry plate, tempeh bacon, and much more. Plus, they have vegan desserts. This is the perfect place to stop if you are craving fresh gluten-free food.

The Arch Café

The Arch Café is the perfect destination for breakfast, brunch, dinner, or any other mealtime. The casual environment of the Arch Café provides a friendly setting for all walks of life to meet, greet, and enjoy delicious breakfast/brunch dishes.

The Arch Café offers numerous breakfast dishes to satisfy all cravings. Vegans can enjoy hearty pumpkin pancakes in the morning or vegan kale pesto in the evening. The pancake lovers in your party can share a stack of pancakes with different flavors in each pancake. The diner looking for a lighter option can enjoy the fruit salad bowl. The menu also offers gluten-free options, vegan items, and more. This cafe holds one of the best breakfast Toronto has to offer.